The Two-Piece Puzzle

  The Two-Piece Puzzle

In reading this, then, you will be able to understand my insight into the mystery of Christ, . . . Eph 3:4 (NIV) 

This is about a recurring dream about a puzzle that was very frustrating.  Because it was only a dream, I originally decided not to put it in my journal, but after first occurring on a Thursday, the dream reoccurred each of the next three nights.  I decided that it must have some significance and added it.

I was totally confused about the meaning of this dream from the start, even while it was happening, and I was still puzzled after trying to analyze it in the light of day.  The fifth night provided what seemed to be the answer, in an actual vision that I call Jesus – Moments In Time” that I will post here soon.

Everybody dreams and it is a natural occurrence in all of us.  Most have no religious meaning and to try to interpret the greatest majority of them would be not scriptural.   Yet many of the biblical prophets had dreams or interpreted those of others, so I do give some dreams credence.

This dream involved a puzzle frame about 12 inches tall and maybe 18 inches wide.  I’m given the words “Yule Door” and “Holy Spirit.” 

I immediately put the words Holy Spirit in the bottom right-hand corner of the frame.  There is no outline of the puzzle pieces, it is more like I’m moving the words by hand.  

Each time I put the words “Yule Door” in the puzzle, I put it in the lower left hand corner, then decide, “That isn’t right”, and there is frustration because it doesn’t fit anywhere else. 

I kept thinking “This is Easter, why am I given a Christmas puzzle piece” and “What is a Yule Door?”   I would then start over again, placing Holy Spirit in the bottom right, Yule Door in the lower left and knowing something was not right, because the Holy Spirit piece clearly went into the right side of the puzzle. 

This dream occurred over and over and over during the first night, occupying what seemed like all night long.  The dream reoccurred each of the next three nights, with no resolution.  The word Yule does not occur in the Bible. My dictionary lists yule, yuletide and yule log, all associated with Christmas, but no yule door.

The following Monday, I mentioned the Two-Piece Puzzle dream to my pastor.  The only thing he could come up with is that ‘We have to go through the door of Christmas to get to Easter.”   I was not satisfied with that as the answer. 

My next post will be “Two Piece Puzzle Explained.”   It is explained by my next vision, but I’ll try to explain what that vision revealed about the Two Piece Puzzle first.  Then I’ll post the actual vision.  It is extraordinary!

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