Where is God? Who What Where How?

The Answers Keep Coming From the Vision 

The vision, God Partially Revealed  answers so many questions for me that I can hardly list them all.   I made these entries to my journal on Monday, February 10, 1997.

       It explains to me how God can be everywhere at once. – We are living in God, and in fact, the entire universe is drifting through Him.    

       How God knows what we are doing and thinking – We are as transparent to God as we are transparent to X rays, yet He interacts with our being, our living X ray.

       It ties the Holy Spirit directly to God as one and the same thing – What we perceive as the Holy Spirit is actually God interacting with us as He passes through us and we tune in to Him and He tunes in to us.  It takes the magic out of it and makes it a natural, understandable, loving, mutual relationship.

When we are in tune with God, His Holy Spirit lingers and concentrates in power; we become filled with the Holy Spirit as described in Scripture. 

After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.  Acts 4:31 (NIV) 

       How healing can work at a distance and how prayers can work at a distance –  The same God touches us all at the same time – He is everywhere at once in the same sense that an ocean touches all fish in that ocean, except God is our living ocean and He is available to all, and what touches Him here can be felt anywhere.

       How God can be both in us and us in God – We are floating in God and God floats in us.  We are much like a sponge floating in water, except God is our water, our light, our life.  We are porous to his light, yet bask in it.  The sponge has water both within it and around it.    Squeeze it dry when things are bad and you seem far from God, but it fills back up again when we settle back into God’s living waters through attention to Him.  We need to stay immersed in God if we are to receive His full attention.

       How two or more people praying together multiply the effect of his works – His power is undiminished in each of us and the results are multiplied.  God is, after all, hearing the “noise” of our lives too.   He does have good ears, so it is fruitful to pray, even if alone, and even if silent, or within a car out on the highway!  Two people praying together help break through that noise.  Three or more seem to really get His attention, even if they are on opposite sides of the world. 

       It does away with the problem I had with God being “up there”, and does away with my problem with God just sitting on a throne, as if contemplating what He would do next – God is everywhere, because we exist in Him and God needs no real throne to exercise His enormous, living power.  His throne is our universe, including all that the Hubble telescope can see and far beyond!  

       It gives me a sense of the enormity of His majestic power – He powers the universe, and the universe is only a small part of his works, yet it rests entirely within Him.  His infinite power is still infinite when displayed and felt at our level – mere creatures of His creation.  In the same manner, His infinite love is available to all undiminished.  One trillionth of a trillionth of infinity is still infinity!  We may be detecting some of that power now as “dark energy”, meaning invisible energy – God?  Most of the universe is thought to consist of that energy.

       God is paying attention to us even as we ignore Him because God is drifting through us and we through Him and He is directly in touch with us at all times.   When we are not paying attention to God, He sometimes gets our attention the hard way.  For example, my Clear Warning from him.  I thank God every day that He loves us all and that I responded to His wake-up call!   God is so good!

       It gives me hope that I can learn to interact with Him and accept His help wherever I need it.   He wants love and attention, and He will shower it back.

       When we pray, we interact with God’s Spirit within us, and we begin to absorb more of Him.  God loves to be worshiped by His creation and His Holy Spirit lingers, and begins to concentrate in us and grows in power and attention through our worship, and He begins to consider our concerns as expressed through prayer.    

       We only need to believe in Him and trust Him, and know that He loves us and will help us.  The power available to us is unlimited and virtually untapped.

Next Up:  The Two Piece Puzzle.

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