Jesus – Moments in Time – Part 2

Jesus – Moments in Time – Part 2

This is the continuation of the vision reported in the previous post.  It was all one vision in one night.  Once you have a vision, it is not like a dream.  It never fades.  It never goes away.  It has been 10 years now and it is still as vivid as ever.  The details come from my journal from the next morning. 

Jesus crucified

Jesus faded quickly from view and then suddenly there He was again in a completely new scene, hanging on a large wooden cross.  He was too far away to see his features, but I knew instantly in my mind that this was Jesus!   This time the scene was a full panoramic view including skyline and included everything in my peripheral view as well.  In other words, it was as if I were standing nearby, observing in real life.

The scene was not at all like those that you see depicted in a movie or in paintings.  The cross was not on a hill, but situated in a valley, very barren, hardly any trees or vegetation, perhaps only scrubs.  It was nearly dark, and the scene seemed to be highlighted around Jesus, but much darker elsewhere.

I was looking from the top of the adjacent hillside.  The cross was on relatively flat ground, but not far from the front of a large cave-like structure situated in the hillside behind the cross.  The cross was to the lower right of my view.

The cave, which had a dark opening, was situated behind, lower, and to the left of the cross.  The opening faced slightly to my right, not head on.

There was a crowd around him, in the fringes of the lighted area, sort of standing back and not moving around.   They were standing mostly in front of him as he hung there.

There was only one cross visible.  If there were more, they were not in my field of view or they were in the dark areas of the scene.  This image lasted only a few seconds.  There were no sounds in this vision.

Jesus is entombed

The scene lit up momentarily and then darkened again, much like from a flash of light from lightning, but I did not see a storm or the lightning itself.  It just suddenly got brighter and then went to its original light levels.

The people in the scene suddenly approached the cross, and it went from vertical to horizontal in a matter of seconds.  I can’t say that I saw them actually take Him down, it happened so quickly.  I do remember that the crowd seemed to move to the vertical cross together, almost all at once, then the cross was on the ground.

A procession went into the cave accompanied by figures shrouded in darkness.  The procession was lighted enough to see the people were carrying the body above their shoulders, but was dark around the edges of those carrying Him.

However, the place where the cross was first laid down glowed brightly with a darker outline of the cross in the middle, as if the cross itself was left behind.  The ground around it was like ice illuminated from below, softly glowing in the night! 

As I recreate the scene in my mind, it seems as if the lighted area around the cross was slightly pulsating.  I do know that the light appeared to come from below and not from above.

Once Jesus was taken inside, the entire cave entrance glowed brightly, but I could not see inside from where I was standing.  The light from inside the cave was projected onto the ground near the entrance and fell behind the cross, left to right.  My perspective never changed.

The light in the cave grew much brighter, then suddenly disappeared.  The light around the cross was still there for a few more moments, and then it too faded as that portion of the  vision ended.

Jesus changes

Jesus appeared again, this time about 10 feet away so that I could see his entire body.  He was dressed in a gray robe.   His face and head were uncovered, and his features were the same as the earlier appearance when he was closer to me. 

His face suddenly began to change.  It had started out as somewhat gray in skin tone, as if lighted from an outside source, perhaps moonlight, against a dark background. 

It suddenly changed to a very white tone, whiter than real life, somewhat like a picture that has been developed wrong.  When it was white, it was milk white, almost ceramic in smoothness.

The change  started at the chin and moved up to the top of his forehead (the skin only).  It was a wiping motion, as if a shutter was drawn up exposing the new face as it was lifted.  As I recall it now, there was no beard for this new face.

After a few moments with the new white china-like face, His face changed just as suddenly to all black, starting at the chin again and moving up. 

The face changed a number of times like this, taking on different appearances as I watched, each change discernible as a kind of wiping motion starting at the chin and rapidly moving to the top of his head, each face different, and with features of various races.  

I had the impression that Jesus took on the features of many different races, possibly all of them, during this part of the vision.  As I look back, I cannot follow the changes other than the first few.

At the time of the vision, I did not understand what I was seeing.  That is, I saw what was happening, but I did not understand what He was showing me.

Jesus Transfigured?

Then he suddenly appeared slightly to the right of me and farther away. At this point, the face changes had slowed down and almost stopped.  I am not certain this new figure was Jesus, but I believe it was.  The entire vision had been about Him up until now.

This scene was like I was looking in slow motion because I remember seeing His mouth slowly forming words that I could not hear.  Each new word took what seemed like four or five seconds to complete, and His mouth looked as if He might be shouting!   His face began changing again.  These first few new faces seemed to be angry.

One of the faces was a brilliant white (glowing) where the face and hair were more like what you expect to see when God is depicted.  He was filled with a glowing light from within, difficult to look at due to the brightness.

His hair was shaped almost like a star, with waves of hair and light coming out to points in all directions, and with light emanating from the points, almost like energy from a Tesla coil, which generates long electrical sparks and makes hair stand on end. 

He appeared much older and was obviously issuing a stern command to someone or something, probably to me but I could not hear it!  He was looking in my general direction and it was awe inspiring to see.  To me this person was now God.  His mouth was moving and continuing to form harsh words in slow motion, but I could not hear them.

He then became very animated, tuning His face from side to side and looking up and down.  His face was what I can only describe as wild-eyed!    And His face changed again.  Each time he looked in a different direction, the face changed again.

The changing faces began to change more rapidly, and each new face change seemed to come faster than the previous one. He was no longer moving His head up and down and He was no longer mouthing words. 

Soon He began to turn his head from side to side, and each time he moved His head, there was a new face.  Each new view, left, center, right, back to center, left again were all different.  As the face changes were speeding up, He soon became almost a blur.

A number of the faces were not pleasant, very distorted, and my reaction was that I didn’t want to see those faces, but the faces changed quickly and were replaced by new ones.  Those faces were not of this world.  They were not human in form.

The changes began to occur so quickly, it looked as though he might have more than one face simultaneously facing in three different directions, or possibly all four directions at once, although I never saw a back view. 

I am fairly certain that the appearance of the simultaneous faces was an effect of the rapid changes.  There are visions in the Bible that have similar situations where there appeared to be creatures facing multiple directions at once.

Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man. 6 And every one had four faces, and every one had four wings.  Ezek. 1:5-6 (KJV)

Finally Jesus appeared once again in the form most known to me in drawings and paintings, then disappeared as the vision ended.  In this final form, He was standing near to me again.    The vision was over.

I don’t know if the faces I saw were those He actually appeared in, in the past, as or if they were just how He allows others to perceive Him, or if there was some other meaning to the mystery.

I even have the lingering thought that some of the faces were those of other worlds that He might have appeared in as their Savior, because they were not faces seen in this world! 

I had the lasting impression that Jesus can look like anything we want him to look like, regardless of color or race. 

Our personal Savior

Jesus is the personal savior of each of us.  It now makes sense to me that he appears to each of us in a form that is both acceptable and pleasant.  In other worlds he would naturally have an appearance that would be acceptable to inhabitants of that particular world in which he visited as their Christ.  It is possible the wild-eyed face was of Jesus as he looks to those he is condemning at the end of time.  I hope I am not one of them.

According to the lesson that I took from this vision, Jesus is black to Blacks, white to Whites, and Asian to Asians.  That is acceptable to me!  It now makes sense that he was never described in the Bible, not even his hair. 

It is possible that when His disciples got together to write their gospels, they discovered that they couldn’t agree as to what he looked like, because he was different to each of them!  It certainly was not important what he looked like during his ministry.   What was eternally important was his message.  It has endured the test of time. 

Enduring message

A message from a man born into a carpenter’s family; a man that never traveled more than a hundred miles or so from his birthplace; a man hated by many of his fellow men; a man doubted by even his closest followers; a man crucified among thieves; a man whose very followers were tracked down, jailed and martyred; and yet a man whose message has swept through the world over the following two thousand years.  

There are universities and libraries and buildings all over the world dedicated to this man, a man of no formal training who wrote only a few words in the sand.  There are holidays for his birth and death in many nations and millions have read his message and have come to God in His name.

Do we need any more proof that Jesus was divine?  How else could his message be spread from such humble beginnings?

Coming up next:  Heaven Revealed?

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