Vision of The Children

  The Children

Children held a special place in the heart of Jesus.  They are the innocent ones, those who have not learned the sinful ways of the adult world.   Most Christians believe that all children go to heaven, even if they have not yet confirmed their aceeptance of Christ or died without benefit of baptism.  We believe that because of their innocence.   This vision seems to be of the children at the time of the rapture. 

But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.  I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” Luke 18:16‑17 (NIV) 

Friday, October 29, 1999

It had been a long season of silence, more than a year since I had received a vision.  During this long period, I began to feel that God was far away, and I was slipping in my prayer life and my commitment to my Savior.  

Our church had begun to emphasize prayer and discernment.  One of the questions our pastor kept asking each of us, was “what is God telling you?”

At one point, I decided that He was saying that I needed to get back to doing what I had promised God almost 3 years earlier:

“God, my Father in heaven, if it is your will that I live, I believe I can help bring others to you through our church.  I can do good work for you.”

Shortly after that re-commitment to my promise, I had the following vision:

The scene opened with a view of a tree-lined street.  It was a fairly broad street, and stretched out before me out of sight into the distance.   I don’t recall seeing any houses or buildings, but do remember lots of greenery – mostly grass, shrubs and trees.   I began to notice what looked like children coming toward me, first a few, then many more.   They seemed to be running or skipping at a fast pace.

Then I noticed that there were many streets leading into the sort of circular plaza where I was standing, and each street was filled with children coming toward the central circle.   In front of the crowd on each street was one or two children, closely followed by three or four more, then growing to fill the streets, curb to curb.

These children were obviously very happy, with arms swinging and waving and most were skipping and smiling or laughing.   They were high stepping and seemed to be very joyful.  Their clothes were all different, with greens, reds, blues and yellows showing on different children, and lots of variation in their dress.  I didn’t see any that appeared older than 10 or 11 years.

I was standing slightly to one side of the center of the circular plaza that joined the streets, and as I watched, the number of children swelled to completely fill the streets as far into the distance as I could see.

As the first children reached the plaza, they began to form a circle and join hands in front of me, some from each street, joining hands almost simultaneously.  I don’t think any of them noticed me.  They certainly didn’t look my way.

The first circle was very small, only about 5 or 6 children in all, but as they danced and skipped around the circle, swinging their clasped hands up and down in a joyful motion, more children poured in and formed a circle around that group, and when it filled, a wider circle formed around that one, so that soon there were many circles of happy, dancing children, all turning in a “circle right” pattern.  

The Rapture of the Children.

Then, amazingly, the middle circle began rising up into the sky, as if they were dancing on a rising platform.  As they rose about waist high above the others, the next ring also began to rise, then the next!

 The effect was like a volcano cone, but this one was children rising, apparently to meet Jesus in the air, although I did not see Him.   As they rose, the children were still circling.  Since the inner circle was smaller, they were completing the circle faster, and the further out (and lower) circles were progressively slower, almost a spiral effect as the various circles rose.

When I realized what was happening, the vision ended. 

The passage from Luke that I quoted above seems appropriate to this vision, as children seemed to have a special place in the heart of Jesus.  I don’t know if the vision was related to the rapture or simply symbolic of children going to meet Jesus.  

Next:  The Fruit  (which in real life occurred before the one above).

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