Vision of The Fruit on The Cross

The Fruit

Most Christians have read the fruit and the vine passage by Jesus.  This vision was very brief and somewhat mysterious.  I think it relates to the fruit of the cross, for it is the cross that we most often use as a symbol of our faith.

I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.   John 15:5 (NIV) 

Wednesday July 8, 1998

I had a brief vision that night, the first in about 6 months.  I saw a well-formed cross with shadows on the edges as if highlighted from the front, and seen from about a 45 degree view.   There was a very healthy, very thick vine growing around it with what appeared to be very large fruit hanging on my side of the cross.

If there were leaves, they were behind the fruit or behind the cross, as I did not see any.  I did see the vine quite clearly, from the thick roots at the base to the even thicker trunk looped over the cross arm. 

The thick vine was looped around the back, over the left arm of the cross, then draped across the front toward the right and then toward me on the right, and finally ended in the fruit. 

The fruit appeared to be a huge bunch of grapes, all in one large bunch, shaped somewhat like a large hornet’s nest.   Grapes?  Perhaps by suggestion only, as the idea seemed to be the the fruit was bountiful, pure and perfect in form.  Fruit in any event.

If these were grapes, they were either enormous grapes or the cross was small.  I did not have a good reference for dimensions, but the fruit stretched from just below the cross arm to about 80 percent of the way to the ground.  

There was one point later in the vision where the cross seemed to be much taller and thinner and there was something going on behind it, and the vertical part of the cross was brighter, almost shining, but I couldn’t see it in any kind of detail as the fruit remained the same size in my view and obscured much of what was behind it.

The vision only lasted a few moments, and then was gone.  I wish that I could have seen what was happening on the other side of the cross.  Perhaps I was only viewing the backside of it and Jesus was on the other or perhaps it was simply someone attending to the fruit that I was not allowed to see.  It is one of the mysteries of these visions that sometimes I’m only allowed to see a portion of it and most often they are accompanied by silence.   I am grateful for those few things God has chosen to reveal to me.   I’m not complaining.

There are many references to the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and this vision seemed to relate the fruit to the Cross.  Perhaps the fruit of the Cross is the Holy Spirit who was God’s gift as promised by Jesus.

I started receiving these visions after a “Clear Warning” that I was going to die.  It was an earnest prayer within God’s will that seemed to save my life.   I started relating these visions to you, gentle reader, some ten years later.  I did not start with the first visions that I had received in fear that you would think this is fantasy or fiction.  It is neither.  However, for the next few days I will go back to the first two visions I received.   There are a number of others that are end-time related and I’ve saved them for last.  

So next I will tell about the vision of The Monk and the Dark People.   It is a sort of an examination and is the very first vision that I received after the Clear Warning, and for that matter, the first ever for me.

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