Vision of The Monk and The Dark Men

The Monk and The Dark Men

Monk and the dark menThis vision is the very first vision I received.  It occurred soon after my Clear Warning, and the night before I was to meet my pastor to tell him about my experience on the road and to find out if he had any insight into what it all meant.  This vision seems to be an examination of sorts at the request of a monk.  

This and the next several visions are out of order by date from the ones I previously posted here.  I have no excuse for that except I did not want to scare you off too soon.   Like the others, this is a true recounting of something that will be with me forever – if you have a vision, it is not like a dream, it is permanent and can be recalled in detail at any time.  Dreams fade, but the word of God does not.

Though you probe my heart and examine me at night, though you test me, you will find nothing; I have resolved that my mouth will not sin.  Ps. 17:3 (NIV) 

Wednesday,  January 8, 1997

Early in the morning of my appointment with my pastor to discuss my “Clear Warning” and my promise to God, I had my first vision. 

I had begun to pray daily.  In fact, I had begun to pray in almost any situation, and I had developed a desire to never go to bed without praying first.

I was still nervous about praying where my wife could see me and I had tried to find various chairs, couches, and corners of the house where I could be comfortable and not be discovered in my newfound pleasure of talking to God through prayer.

I finally settled in on the upstairs bedroom that once had been our youngest daughter’s bedroom.  She is now married and away from home, so it sits empty and unused unless we have guests. 

The bed is comfortable and familiar since it was the bed Connie and I shared for many years before we moved into this house and bought a new one.  Susan had inherited our old one which was moved to her upstairs bedroom.

The monk.

It was just after midnight, about 12:30 A.M.   I was sitting on the side of that spare bed that I had begun to use as a regular prayer station.   I had been praying for at least 30 minutes, mostly praising God for His various creations and for what He had given us in our lives. 

As was my new custom, when I finished praying, I just sat on the side of the bed and meditated, waiting for Him, in case He would want to speak or give me inspiration.  God had become very real and personal to me, and I prayed with the expectation that He was always listening, and I should pause at least occasionally, and give Him a chance to speak.

I suddenly noticed a Monk standing to my left.  He was well illuminated, and in living color, standing against a completely black background, as if in a spotlight.

He was the classic Monk you see in the movies ‑ neat brown robe, wide belt-like sash, sandals, a white man with rounded face, and big brows.  He was partially bald, with hair all around the bald spot.  He didn’t speak.

Initially, he was facing me, but he soon turned his upper body to his own left, away from me, and at the same time, he reached down further to the left, as if to touch someone or something with his partially open, outstretched hand, or possibly pointing to something below him to his left. 

I didn’t see whatever he touched or pointed to, but it was very low, or on the ground behind him.

The examination.

Just as he reached back, and while he was still poised in that downward pointing turn, I noticed a number of dark‑robed figures, with hooded heads, standing more to the center of my view.  There were several of them, lined up single file, and all facing the Monk to my left.  About that time, the Monk disappeared, but my attention was now on the dark figures.  I was trying to see who or what they were, so I did not see him leave. 

The first dark‑robed man turned in my direction and approached me.  He stopped just in front of me, very close to my chest.  I recall that I was not afraid, just fascinated, and I recall that I was concerned that I would lose what I was seeing if I did not pay attention.  The first dark man bent very close to my face as if looking into my eyes. 

After a few moments, he turned and walked out of my sight to my right.  As he did so, the next figure advanced toward where the Monk had been, and turned in my direction as he came in front of me.  He also leaned in to peer into my eyes.  

One by one, each figure advanced, turned, moved in my direction and stopped to lean forward.  Then each figure turned again and walked out of sight to my right. 

I could not see their faces, but when they were closest, looking into my eyes, they appeared slightly bigger than  a normal human.   When they stopped within inches of my face, their hoods were clearly outlined.   

One by one they turned, approached me, looked at me intently in the eyes, then turned again and disappeared to my right.  After four or five had looked into my face, the vision ended.

I had no idea what the significance of the Monk is in my vision, but I did have the impression, at the time, that the dark figures were examining my inner thoughts, my true beliefs, possibly my very soul to see if I was sincere.  I think that I passed the test, because they have not been back!

At the time I thought it was a dream, because I didn’t believe in visions.  When I started a journal a few days later, I recorded it in my journal as a dream.  I have since learned the difference between dreams and visions and I now accept this as my first vision. 

Dreams and Visions.

Dreams occur when you are asleep and those few that are remembered usually fade very quickly.  Visions occur when you are awake, and never fade. 

Unlike my dreams, my visions have always been silent, but I often registered clear thoughts of understanding.   (Comment:  This later changed as a few visions opened up the sound effects!)

Others that I have talked to report that they have sound in their visions, even spoken words, but I have not.  Most of the visions recorded in the Bible have spoken words as well, so I cannot say that visions never have sound.  With one brief exception, mine have always been silent.

One common denominator with everyone that I have talked to is that visions never fade.  When God gives you a message, He means for you to remember it forever!  This first encounter with a vision is as real today as it was that night.  I can see it as clearly right now as when it happened, and replay it in my mind at any time!  Everyone that I have talked to report the same thing – visions simply do not fade away like dreams do. 

This first vision was followed soon after by a vision I call “The Vision of the Moving Hills,” coming Next.  It was to have one of the most dramatic openings for a vision that I have had to date.  It was also the beginning of a series of scriptural based and prophetic visions that began to come true.  

6 responses to “Vision of The Monk and The Dark Men

  1. I too pray before going to sleep.On Sunday
    morning about 222 am I suddenly awoke to see
    a monk-like male figure standing @ the foot of my bed & holding on to my legs.I wasn’t afraid
    but I heard myself @ top pitch repeatedly saying
    “Jesus is here,Halleluia,Halleluia, Halleluia
    Jesus is here”.Then,the monk was pulled in a backward motion until he disappeared into the
    mirror.As I was writing this comment a calendar
    I have in front of me suddenly broke loose and
    fell on the desk & opened to the month of October.Whatever the significance,time will tell.
    Incidentally,when I told my daughter about the vision,she said I have seen that monk in brown
    habit with a hood sitting on a wing chair in a meditative pose.I just never told you The differ-
    ence was he dwarfish ;short.On my awakening he
    got up & vanished.She said she was a teenager
    when that vision occured.She is in her thirties now.

  2. In my last commentary in August 2008 I spoke
    of the calendar opening to the month of October
    At that time I didn’t understand the significance
    of October.Now with the crash of wall street and
    the financial disaster our country is experiencing
    gives some clarification.Be blessed,Merle

  3. When i was young during hurricane andrew i saw that monk i was 9 years old. I jave always wondered why but as soon as he left a window broke but my family was in the living room due to my screams. No one got hurt. But i could never figure out why i saw it

  4. When I was around 11 years old I had a similar vision. One night I woke up screaming, because in my dream I had seen a monk-like creature entering my room – he was not human – short, and brown monk robe with hood, but his face was dark – I could not really tell what he looked like, but he had yellowish eyes and a sinister looking face. I had thought it was a dream, and woke up in a cold sweat, but I dismissed it.

    Later on that day, as I was getting ready to fall asleep, I knew the dream was a premonition of this night. It was around 9 PM and my bedroom door was open, everyone was still awake in the house. All the lights in the house were still on including the one in my room. I sat on the bed and I looked to my right and there he was, just liked I had seen in my dream. He no more than 3 feet tall and started walking toward me – hands stretched out to touch me. I started screaming and screaming (this creature terrified me) and my mom came running to my room and walked through him. At that point I shut my eyes and when I opened them again he disappeared.

    I have never known what this meant. All I know is that I dont know what might have happened if he had touched me.

  5. I wolk up on August 25th to a 3 foot tall Monk Praying over me. I was not afraid at all. At least I hope he was praying! Could not see his face just dark. I have trying to find what this means. I am hoping God has a job for me. I was a little apprehensive about sleeping last night but I got over it. I have felt much more spiritual since the encounter- like finding the good in people and not being so negative all the time. Let me know if you have any info. I hope the being comes back.


  6. I have never shared this before with anyone but thought it might feel good to tell someone.I am naturally quite intuitive,can sense peoples energy and strangly have been fascinated by church and religion since a very early age.My mother always recalls me almost draging her to the church when other kids just wanted to play in the park.Even more strangely that my family is not particulary religious.When i was little i often liked to spend hours looking at the picture of Jesus Chirst and I would feel so close to him i would cry.I asked my mum whay cant we see him and talk to him face to face like.I asked why is he up in heaven so far away from us to reach.And then when I was about 16 I saw the strangest dream.I was standing outside a very old half ruined monestry.It was so old almost looked like ruins.Then I saw a monk standing nex to me.A traditional looking monk with a brown robe and sandals,quite short and a rounded face.The one thing about his face though was that his eyes vere not standing still but like each looking in a different direction and just kept rolling around.Strange.The monk didnt speak but he was holding a very big old book.Guess it could have been the bible.He opened it and i could see a papyrus fragment and some symbols written on it.The monk gave it to me and i could sense that he says :’here take it, im giving it to you now’.Then i saw that im inside the church and its compleatly empty.There was no altar or chairs or anything.The only thing i could see was a big churche like room and huge church windows.Beautifull as they are with the colored glass mosaics.Suddenly the glass started vibrating like there would be an earth quake i could feel the whole churche vibrating like something big is gonna happen.I felt a little scared.Then a loud and very powerful voice coming from above said to me:’do not fear,he is close!’Then i woke up.I have never dreamed anything that i would think is more that a dream before or since.But that was definately more than just a dream…I now it.Just feel it!
    Recently was searching internet and found something that gave me goosebumps all over my body.I found the papyrus fragment from my dream.It turns out the symbols were old greek writing.And the fragment isrom the Gospel of John, discovered in Egypt, the oldest known fragment from any part of the New Testament, dated from the first half of the 2nd century C.E.Script appears on both sides, the front contains verses 31-33 and the back, verses 37-38.The fragment resides in the John Rylands Library in Manchester, England. I dont know what it means but are planning to go see it someday.Maybe it will give me some clarity of what the message in the dream was..

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