The Vision of the Moving Hills

The “Monk and the Dark People” was my first vision.  It was followed soon after by a vision I call “The Vision of the Moving Hills.”  It was to have one of the most dramatic openings for a vision that I have ever had.  It was also the beginning of a series of scripturally based and prophetic visions that began to come true.

Moving Hills

A voice of one calling: “In the desert prepare the way for the LORD ; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.  Isa 40:3 (NIV) 

I was one of the invited attendees to an after-church meeting called by our pastor that was simply titled “healing meeting.”

My interest in healing had developed only after the Clear Warning, but I had developed an uncommon interest in healing, as if I had discovered Jesus’ healing ministry on my own.  

That night I prayed to God for the guidance to do His will, and His will only, about the healing ministry, that it would be a means to bring glory to God.   I generally stay up late, so it was after midnight when I finished praying, and now Monday morning.   (Comment as of 2007 – healing was not my calling unless you consider working to heal the homeless situation a healing ministry).

Dramatic opening.

After laying down, but still awake, I felt a very intense rapid vibration, somewhat like what you feel when you hold an electric alarm clock that is buzzing before you turn it off, but without the sound.

My whole body was shaking, but it was not an internal shaking, instead, it was more like the entire bed was being driven by some large motor.  The vibration quit immediately when the vision began.

I began to see a white sky filled with many, many silver musical instruments that all looked like they might be reed or flute type instruments (with tubes running side by side). 

Some were much bigger than others, but all had reeds.  A few had a tube that circled the outside of the reed part and ended in a very small bell, like a trumpet with a small opening. 

All were silver in color, but they were generally oriented in different directions, meaning some had the reeds running top to bottom, but others were rotated or turned, one-way or another while laying flat on an invisible surface that was slightly tilted. 

These instruments were all in one plane, and they were moving as if sliding down a pane of glass, appearing out of the sky at the upper left, and sliding out of sight below me at the bottom right.  I was not standing on anything, and the instruments were all in front of me.  

There was no sound from the musical instruments during this vision, or any other sounds at any time, except external sounds such as that of the putter of the furnace in the basement below our bed when it came on during the vision.    Also I was aware that I was awake because I noticed the furnace come on while I was listening for the music, and thought “I’m not asleep.”

The plane the instruments were sliding down was not visible, but it was obvious the instruments were all lined up and evenly spaced, although different sizes, and turned in different directions.

As I watched, the angle of the plane shifted slightly and the whole thing started moving toward me.  In a few moments, the base of the plane reached me and began passing through me, instruments and all. It swept through me starting at my feet and soon was passing over my head.

The command.

When they had gone by, three large written words appeared quickly on the lower left of the horizon, aligned all in a plane at the same angle as the instruments had been originally. 

The words were outlined in silver, both the words and the outside of the words, like a rounded frame drawn around it. 

The words had started high up to the front and to the left of me and quickly slid down. As they did, the words left “skid marks” until they hit the bottom, which didn’t look like the ground, but was clearly the bottom of that frame.  

The skid marks were much like the afterglow of lightning and quickly faded away. These words were spoken in my voice just as they hit bottom:  “Find another church.” 

The words I heard were only in my mind, not out loud.  This is another characteristic of my visions.  Much of the time I am just an observer, watching what is happening.  At certain events or points in the vision, my mental wonderment at the scene or action before me changes into a solid statement of reality or of fact that is spoken in declarative form in my mind. 

The words are spoken  in the same “voice” that I normally think in.  The words are not so much a command, but a declaration of an indisputable fact.

I know that my thoughts, at that time of the vision, were “Please, I don’t want to do that.”  Also, when I woke up the next morning, this part of the vision was the only part I didn’t remember until later, and I had to struggle to remember the words.   (Comment as of 2007 – I did not “find another church” and so if that is what God commanded, I am a disobediant sinner.  My hope is that He respected my desire to stick with the church I was a founding member of.)

The hills.

Immediately upon thinking “I don’t want to do that” an entirely new situation appeared!

Paved Plain and HillsThere was a long paved plain ahead of me stretching out ahead and to the left and right.  The paved area had groove marks spaced widely apart like paving.   It was light gray, like cement, and perfectly flat.  The groove marks were all aligned in one direction, straight ahead, converging to one point, with none crossing another.  

The paving extended into some beautiful rolling hills that were very green like new grass, but had no trees.  It was obvious that they were small, smooth, and rounded, and all the hills were about the same size.   Behind the hills was a grey background.

I was looking from high above the ground, so I could see over the hills, which were in front of me.  Once the hills started, there were hills behind them as far as you could see until the grey, which could have been mountains, or grey sky behind them.  

It was as if I were stationed on the side of a moderately high mountain, and I was looking across a paved perfectly-flat area at a series of rolling hills.  Each hill was nestled up against the next one, and more hills were stationed behind the gaps in the hills in front.  However, I had no sensation that I was actually standing on anything.

The grooves in the  pavement extended into the hills like roads, perfectly straight, and where they converged, the hills were separated to let it through. 

Path made straight.

The rest of the plain extended into the base of the hills, but disappeared quickly as other hills fit closely behind each gap.  Soon the perspective became more head-on, but I was still high enough to see over the first hills.

HillsI began to look at the hills from the left to the right and then back and forth and wherever I looked, the hills parted so that a straight path could be seen exactly where I was looking, but the paths in the peripheral vision were always blocked by other hills between and behind.  

begin road/valleyThe hills parted in a fluid motion, melting down and simply rising up next to the new path, squeezing against the other hills to make a straight path with a groove down the middle. 

The ones directly in my line-of-sight did not move aside, but simply melted down on one side and reappeared on the other, rising to their original height as my gaze moved on.  There was no sound.

valleyIf I shifted my gaze to look directly at a hill, it split, not like an axe cut, but simply began to be depressed in the middle, and the depression deepened smoothly until it reached the path level.

It then split apart and moved out of the way to clear a way for a path with a groove down the middle, as if paved all the way to the end.

Soon after I realized that wherever I looked the hills were actually moving out of my way, the vision ended.  This was after only a few sweeps back and fourth.  I had, however, an impression that there was another portion of the vision that has been wiped clean, as I cannot remember any part of it.  There is a definite feeling that there was more.

The instrument vision and the hills vision portions are so vivid that I can remember every detail and play them back anytime I want, even though it occurred just as I was going to sleep.  I can also clearly see the word frame, but the words themselves are no longer readable. 

The word frame seemed to outline the tops of the words, being higher on the left and tapering to the right.  The bottom of the word frame was flat.  I can still see the streaks that followed it to the bottom and see them fade. 

I believe that the instruments were there to get my attention that this was no ordinary vision.  It certainly did that!  Although there were no sounds coming from the instruments, there is no mistaking their symbolism as an opening announcement for a major event.  Throughout history, events have been announced with trumpets, and horns of all types.

The grooves seemed to symbolize a road or straight path, the shortest path to whatever was at the end of the road.  The mountains were moved out of the way and the path cleared wherever I looked.

I have called what I saw hills instead of mountains because there were so many of them, and because of the perspective I had in looking over them.

Disobedient Sinner.

Whenever I am reminded of this vision, I pray again to God to show me what He allowed me to forget if it was a command that I should obey.  I do not want to be disobedient, sinner though I am.

Stated supply blessing.

Our church had just received  a “stated supply” minister, John, which means that he was provided to temporarily fill a need for an associate minister (although technically that is a different title) with the understanding that he would move on some day. 

I shared a trust with John, and he asked me where I got my passion for God.  Thus I shared with him the Clear Warning and the Moving Hills vision.  I was not ready to share the other vision. 

Moving Hills – Preparing a path.

John pointed me to Isaiah which has similar imagery to the moving hills vision.  When I got home, I began reading Isaiah as if for the first time.  Eventually I found what he was referring to:  

A voice of one calling:  “In the desert prepare the way for our God.  Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; The rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain.  And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all mankind together will see it.  For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”   Isaiah 40:3-5 (NIV)

“I will turn all my mountains into roads, and my highways will be raised up.”   Isaiah 49:11 (NIV)

“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,”  say the Lord, who has compassion on you.   (Isaiah 54:10 NIV)

These verses bring a different meaning to the Moving Hills vision other than that of healing, but healing seems to want to stick in my mind.  The several circumstances related to healing that occurred around the Moving Hills vision seem to point to healing as well. 

However, it is important not to try to read into a vision or a dream more than was intended by God.  There are numerous warnings about self-interpretation and false prophecies in the Word.

Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation.  For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.   2 Pet 1:20-21 (NIV) 

It is my opinion that any vision from God will be scripturally based, or certainly not conflict with scripture, and will always serve some purpose that promotes God’s glory.  It will never be self-serving.  

I believe that the Moving Hills vision has a scriptural basis and does not conflict with scripture.  To me, it has both a healing meaning and a messenger meaning. 

I feel strongly that this all promotes God’s glory, as it has affected me in so many positive ways in my relationship with Him, and in my relationship with the world around me.

After this remarkable vision of the Moving Hills, I began to read more about visions in the Bible.  There are far too many visions in our Bible to discuss here, since this book is about visions by ordinary people.  Those in the Bible are clearly seen and reported by extraordinary people.

Yet, as I moved forward in my visual experiences with God, I began to see some relationships to what I was seeing that helped explain what the ancients saw, and to comment on some of these may help the reader to understand what I saw as well.

I have more visions that I will share with you, but first I’d like to talk a little about Biblical Visions.


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