Does God Prefer Quiet Miracles?

Does God Prefer Quiet Miracles?

I don’t know the mind of God, of course, but it seems to me that God might prefer quiet miracles.  What is a quiet miracle?  That is one where the miracle takes place before we know the outcome in the natural.  In other words, before we know the test results, before we know the outcome of a procedure, before the final decision is made, before we know the full story, before we realize our fate is sealed.    For example, someone might have a medical procedure coming up to determine if they have some terrible illness, such as cancer.

God, of course, knows about the problem, and knows the outcome.  Predestined from the beginning of time.   But God does change His mind, I can assure you of that.  If it is His will to fix the problem through a miracle, then He can fix it before the test results come back if they are bad, and thus change the destiny He had already ordained.  He can do that!  Don’t tell Him He can’t.

The alternative for God would be to wait until the procedure is done and we learn the test results.   He can do that too.  The problem there is we have so little faith.   You’ve heard someone say,  “Well the doctor said it is incurable, so I’ll pray, but I don’t really expect to be cured”.   We have more faith in what the doctor says than in our faith in a loving God.  More faith in man’s word than in God.   Miracles don’t often happen in situations like that.  And when they do, they are messy.   Doctors begin to make excuses and cough a lot.   Somebody says they made a mistake (they are happy for it, of course).   God seldom gets the credit.

If God often waited until the test comes back, or the illness was fully progressing down an unhappy path, and then performed a sudden cure, many people would recognize His hand in it, and there would be much publicity and praise. of course.  At first thought, that would seem to promote growth in belief in Him.  However, it also tends to put God in a box, and He won’t allow it, as He demands complete control.   He seems to hand out these noisy miracles very sparingly.  

For example, too  many of these types of miracles, done obviously, would define a pattern where His people begin to call on Him only when things go terribly wrong and they begin to expect a cure, even demand a cure.  Can’t you see someone laying back on a couch exclaiming “God, fix this arm for me please, and by the way, I’m out of grapes.”  So, it seems that, in His wisdom for keeping order in His Kingdom, and to promote worship even when things are good, He doesn’t answer every prayer that requires an obvious miracle, a noisy miracle.

I believe that whenever we pray to Him before the test or procedure is even required, He knows it comes from the heart and performs, through His grace, many unnoticed, quiet miracles in answer to prayers.  Fix the problem before the test is released, who’s to know?  A quiet miracle.  I think He must like that idea because I’ve seen many of them.  I always thank God for good results in my prayers, often in advance, and agree to accept the bad results with a quiet prayer that His will be done.   I always pray within God’s will.

So I recommend that we pray often and quietly.  God has good ears.  We don’t need to stand on a street corner and shout.   Pray when times are good and don’t be afraid to ask when times are bad.   He does answer prayer in noisy ways often enough.  When you see Hezekiah or Jonah, ask them.  Ask me.

It seems that He only allows us to go so far with our requests for miracles, quiet or not.  Starting with the miracle of birth, we use them up every day in countless ways we don’t know about or take time to recognize.   Sooner or later, death must come so that eternal life can begin.

Sometimes we need to accept the fact that the final miracle, physical death followed by eternal life, is the best one and rejoice!   God in His wisdom uses His power wisely. 



5 responses to “Does God Prefer Quiet Miracles?

  1. why didn’t listen to our prayer ?prayer was before biopsy and other test, why did the doctor won and not God… no remision , not on God’s timetable but doctor’s timetable.. they say x day and won’t give transfusion . .. that’s it … gave their timetable NOT GOD’s..
    Why ? Why

  2. I am so sorry about the test and the disaster in your life. There is no answer I can give to that. Please don’t blame the doctor, he/she did all they could, I’m guessing.

    Please don’t blame God either. Although the outcome is not at all what you had prayed for, we know that our bodies are not perfect, were never made perfect, or we would live on this planet forever. Things break down and things go wrong and diseases, including cancer develop, some of them devistating and tear families apart.

    It is an inevitable fact of life for all of us, not just you or your loved one that our bodies give out, sooner or later. God did not pick on your family nor did he do something delibertly to hurt you. You are not being punished, just a victim of a natural process of this imperfect body breaking down way too soon.

    In my eyes, I treat every moment in this life as a preparation for the next one, which I take comfort in knowing is eternal. I know from my visions that I am actually already there… me and my ancestors and all of my children’s children including those to be born in the future. As are you and your loved ones.

    I know that I am destined to die, likely suffering at some point before it happens. Whether it is sooner or later is up to God as I know He is in control of my life, free will or not. If it is sooner than my family would like, it could be that He is simply wanting me there for some reason yet unknown.

    I also know that He did answer one of my prayers at a critical moment and I don’t know why or how often He does that, or why sometimes He does not.

    Please take comfort in knowing that Heaven awaits and it is timeless.


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  4. Why have I had visions that my father is alive but that he was stabbed, after that I saw a vision of him sleeping and then I saw a vision of my fathers nose that he is breathing…What are all these visions

  5. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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