Are you and I already in heaven?

There is reason for me to believe that we live in a parallel universe right now.   Yes, one of those universes that the scientists talk about in purely scientific terms.  We exist there now with our same memories and personalities (although possibly much more mellow), but in a timeless place where we are free to move back and forth in what to us is time.   In that place everything that has already happened, or will ever happen in our present or natural universe is available to all the inhabitants of the other universe.  

The inhabitants of that other universe just don’t have the same ability that we have to change anything in our universe (the one we live in now) as they go along.  But they can visit our past, our present, and our future at will.   That place is called Heaven by us, and the only “catch” as we would characterize it is that everyone is already dead, risen again and with the Father.   You, I, everyone we know, all our individual ancestors and all our children, and all their descendants are already there.   And we are still stuck here.  Thankfully, it is temporary and we will then cross over the veil into that other universe – to Heaven.

This concept is all based on one of the most interesting visions I’ve had, a revelation on the nature of Heaven and of our spirits.  It is the brief one the evening after my father died.   I called it the Vision of Crossing Over – Timeless Heaven. In it a voice, presumably from an angel, told me this about my father who had died earlier in the day:

“Take comfort!  The Spirit and Heaven, like God, are timeless and have no beginning and no end.  Your father has not gone to the present Heaven, but to the future Heaven!   You and your descendants, as well as your ancestors, are all there to greet him!”

Do you understand what that really means?   Most of us can fathom the concept that “God is timeless” – capable of moving back and forth in time, that “He knew us from the beginning” and planned and “created us from the first day of creation”.   In other words, timelessness is a special attribute that we associate with God.   Yet when we hear that God has known us from the beginning of creation, we just take it for granted that He is able to do that.   He planned us and when we would be born, live and die.   Now the timeless spirit word from the angel tells us that we were actually present at the beginning too – the spirit is “timeless and have no beginning and no end” – confirmation of what we have been told.

The voice told me that our spirit and the Heaven that we go to are both timeless.   A timeless heaven and a timeless spirit (our spirit) resolves the conflict between the idea of Revelations 20 whereby we are all resurrected together and the idea that we hope is true – that we are taken immediately to Heaven.  If Heaven and our spirits are timeless, then we both go immediately (one at a time) and at the same instant arrive together.   Jesus told the criminal on the cross: 

…”Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise” Luke 23:43

This criminal went straight to Heaven, but we thought perhaps it was a special case.  This timeless Heaven, timeless spirit revelation resolves the quandary I hear all the time.   “I’m sure that my Mother is in heaven, but I’ve also been told that we rise together at the end of 1000 years – at the end times.   When do we go?  Is she there already or not?”

They both are true, because in Heaven all times are the same time.   She dies well before you, rises immediately (at the instant of death) at the end times and is greeted by you and all your ancestors and your descendants who also arise at that same instant.   She can look down on you at any time she chooses, and so can you. 

What a concept!  What a revelation!    Heaven’s inhabitants can visit any of our natural times at any time their spiritual bodies wish.   We arrive together but it is instantaneous upon our death, which may be many years apart as we measure it, but is the same instant as God, Heaven, and the Spirit measure it.

In this parallel universe of a timeless Heaven, we can move back and forth in time, visit with ancestors and visit situations with our descendants.  We likely won’t be concerned with what is happening because we already know the outcome and are already with whoever we were visiting with.   I can’t see any reason for this visiting except as a chance to smile and say:  “Now look how worried you were!  And now you know it was all for nothing!” or just to review and witness how our families developed.

Ever had a déjà vu moment?  The experience of déjà vu seems to be very common; in formal studies 70% of people report having experienced it at least once.   Déjà vu has been described as “remembering the future.”   Perhaps our own spirit, already in Heaven, has given us a quick glimpse of this moment and we did not realize it.   Ever had an inspiration that seemed to come out of the blue?   An idea, a solution, a thought that you did not understand how it popped into your head?   Perhaps an ancestor, descendant, or self was present.

Parallel universe – or Heaven!  What do you think?  I think Heaven is all around us, not just “up there”!

For the scientists and physicists:

Those of you with a scientific curiosity and mind may want to check out how I’ve presented this timeless concept to the physics world:   Does time exist?  What I’m really talking about there is the realm of photons – light.  It was inspired by the vision mentioned above.   God is the light, Jesus is the light of the world.   If this parallel universe we call Heaven is timeless, perhaps it exists in the same universe that photons – light – does.   It makes sense to me.  It tells me where Heaven really is, not necessarily up there, but all around us – we just can’t see it – yet!  This other presentation is purely scientific.  You and I know the rest of the story.

Yes, science and religion can co-exist.  



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  1. Deja vu:
    “In recent years, déjà vu has been subjected to serious psychological and neurophysiological research. The most likely explanation of déjà vu is that it is not an act of “precognition” or “prophecy”, but rather an anomaly of memory; it is the impression that an experience is “being recalled”. ”

    I have noticed a trend throughout all of your posts, you seem to start with a conclusion, back it up by saying you believe it, however, you rarely justify it in an acceptable way. Personal visions are of no use to justify your beliefs.

  2. “The most likely explanation of déjà vu ” implies that there is no research that has pinned it down. You perhaps have started with your own conclusion not justified in an acceptable way. Likely explanations are of no use to justify your beliefs or non-beliefs. The “conclusion” you speak of regarding déjà vu was prefixed with the word “perhaps” (twice) as it is clearly defined as speculation on my part and not a conclusion.

    I do believe in science and scientific facts, and if science can prove déjà vu is a mind tirck, it will be ok. Scientific facts never contradict anything that I believe. The laws of physics, chemistry, genetics, etc. are a part of God’s creation and no fact can contradict that, and my belief in God is not hinged on any fact that contradicts science.

    Actually, it doesn’t matter how you or I justify personal experiences. They belong to you or I and all we can do about it is to express it.

    Whether you or I believe the other is of no consequence. If I were to be wrong and there is no God then no harm is done in my belief and we both end up as dirt nappers. Good is still done in that I do good things in His name. If I am right and there is a God, then I have gained much and perhaps you have lost much, or perhaps God forgives you as well. I have no problem with that concept, that God loves us all and we are all treated the same. I’m still going to do the best I can in His name.

    If you ever have a vision, you will know where it comes from, and you clearly know that it is not from within the mind, but from God.

  3. “If you ever have a vision, you will know where it comes from, and you clearly know that it is not from within the mind, but from God.”

    I really doubt that I will “know” that. You may “know” that, but that is because you already believe in God.

    My point is that, everyone makes their own truths, and your own is highly influenced by your pre-disposed belief in God.

  4. I was shocked to find your website on “Extraordinary Visions.” Shocked because I thought I was insane having had two visions myself. Of course, I kept the visions mainly to myself. You know why I say this. I especially enjoyed “Are You and I Already in Heaven?” I came to the same conclusion, but not through a vision. Mine came through thoughts in my mind. I am an adamant searacher of Truth, and I mean adamant.

    I was shocked when I read the above article. It matched exactly what the Lord gave me in my mind. Not with words mind you, rather, with thoughts. I can’t explain what I mean by that. All I know is that the information just came to me over a four month period. Like yourself, I documented everything so that I would not lose the details as I grow older (I am 59). My two mental visions (as I call them) came without my asking for them. One was just as my wife received word she had breast cancer. The second came just two hours after my wife died (I was her face up close 22 years younger).

    No words were heard or expected, however, thoughts were attached to them. That is a hard thing to describe. I would love to email with you concerning your article above and that we are all in heaven “now.” The only variance between us would be that I have been led to believe that we do NOT get to heaven all at the same time. The Lord clearly revealed to me instead that “we NEVER left His Presence from the beginning.” To me there is a HUGE difference.

    Your parallel world theory interests me as well, as it helped fill in some of the holes that I had. My interest has been peaked lately because my wife died late February 2007. Sometimes I wonder is she has been the deliverer of the information about Heaven I have received since her departure. Still, your article above (and others) agree with the things I have been provided lately. It has made me feel extremly satisfied knowing that I am not alone, although, almost alone with these thoughts and ideas (or should I say realities).

    I have no motive other than “KNOWING” the myteries of the eternal world that awaits us all. I won’t be home until September 1st so should you write me I won’t be able to reply until that time. Again, thank you for your website and bravery in posting your visions. I wish I would have found your site earlier. It has made me feel wonderful knowing that thoses things the Lord has taught me these four months about Time and Eternity (Heaven) are in fact trustworthy, in spite of what orthodox christianity has to say about them.

    Perhaps now I won’t be so intimidated in sharing my visions and reception of knowledge with others. I did want to close with an off the subject question. Do you belileve all people go to heaven? Or only believers? I see you attend a Presbyterian church. Is this USA or PCA? I look forward to hearing from you at my email address. I do have much to talk about with you should you choose to do so. My wife used to tell me that I ask too many questions. I can’t help it, as I am spiritually hungry for the Lord’s mysteries.
    Signed: Relieved.

  5. For Anon,

    You said:
    “My point is that, everyone makes their own truths, and your own is highly influenced by your pre-disposed belief in God.”

    Very likely. However prior to my first vision I was a baptized Christian, but a pretty lackluster one, seldom going to church, seldom opening a bible, seldom praying.

    I’ve believed in God from childhood and never doubted it. But the visions were detailed and vivid and left no doubt in my mind. I’ve never had a persistant memory of a dream more than a few days or even a few minutes, other than I can recall some parts of two nightmares from when I was a child.

    I’ve never had a prior dream of anything relating to religion. I’ve had a couple of “daydreams” where I had a momentary glimpse of a dream while bored stiff or reading, but not related to religion.

    But nothing like a vision. One thing about a vision is that you never lose any detail of it, ever. The only exceptions that make the rule have been where I said “no” (as when told to find another church) or where I heard but could not learn the words of the beautiful song about the horsemen.

    Every thing else is as clear right now as they were more than 10 years ago. Every detail, every color, every movement, everything.

    Another characteristic of a vision is that they have occured while I am awake. In my dreams I am always a participant in some way and I still have those kinds of dreams. In my visions, I have been an observer in all but one or two cases (the train for example) and not a participant.

    I think it is a characteristic of a vision that when God gives you one, He makes sure that you remember it always. 10 years and counting, clear as a bell.

    So I don’t think that predispostion is a factor here. I “know” it is a vision because it is so different and so self evident and I feel that anyone that experiences one will “know” as well.

    I personally know and have talked to one athiest that had a vision and it scared him nearly to death. He came very very close to being converted on the spot, much like Saul/Paul in our bible. Never quite made it though, and has since died.

  6. For Stephan,

    I am sorry about the loss of your wife. You should feel better knowing that you are with her even as we speak.

    You are not alone. Once I mentioned a vision with a small group within my Presbyterian (USA) church, people started coming out of the woodwork, not in public, but much like you and they wanted to confirm that I am not alone. You get a couple of sideways looks from one or two people, but the vast majority are thrilled. I overheard one gentleman say “he’s just trying to get attention” early on, but now he seems to be more receptive.

    I have a collection of their visions. People are very reluctant to speak about the visions they have because no one around them is mentioning them either. So they think they will be perceived as strange. At ont point I estimated that maybe 10% of the people I know have had at least one vision. Prior to my mentioning it, I knew of no one.

    I have permission to print the visions I have collected but that was 8 years ago or so, so I will need to go back and verify that it is still ok.

    Many of the visions I have had were technically silent – no spoken words heard through my ears. (a couple of exceptions – the song about the horsemen, and the missionary eulogies). Yet the thought was there and clearly not my own creative thought but one that seemed to be put there, but in my own inner voice. They were often declaritive statements of fact.

    I think we agree on the “never leave His presence”. The way I interpret it and maybe I did not do a good job explaining it is that we are already in heaven and have been since God created the universe. That is a part of the timeless nature of heaven as I heard it after my Father’s death.

    I believe that when we die we arrive in heaven all at the same time (our departed souls) but the reality is that we are already there (our ancestors and our descendants are already there to greet him). I think that there is a transition where our bodily soals are introduced to heaven and from that point we are part of the timeless heaven, and in fact have always been there, just not realized on this side of the veil.

    If I am there to greet my father and my gggg-grandchildren are there too, it kind of implies we were already there for our ancestors too, meaning always have been there. Heaven is a timeless world where we can move back and forth through time at will, not as a god, but much like God, just without His enormous powers. Heaven and the spirit are timeless like God.

    Everybody go to heaven? I don’t know what to believe there except that I am stongly leaning to the idea that everyone goes. I think that my pastor may lean that way too, though he may have a little problem with any pitcher that beats his Braves 8>). I just want to be a little closer to the throne if possible.

    There is no need to disclose your email address (I removed it) within any post anywhere that I know of. It gets disclosed to me whether you post it or not. Part of the system. I can even pull up a satalite map showing approximately where you are and can tell where people are even if they don’t post (30 countries so far today). I will email you later. It will be good to talk to you.

    Grace and Peace,


  7. Jim,
    I was so releived to see you replied. I will be home tomorrow. I just learned that Hotmail has changed to Microsoft so I may have to register for a new email address. If your email rejects I will have to provide you with a new address through this forum. I am anxious to interact with you.

    I just can’t believe that I found someone else other than myself that has been led to believe that we have always been in eternity with everyone. I was beginning to think I was insane when the Lord gave me the words of wisdsom. As I mentioned in my last post I believe that once our spirit/soul was created (before the world was made) we have NEVER LEFT His Presence and we never will. This is what the Lord gave me in my thoughts over a period of months. Do youo think it possible that my wife was the deliverer of this insight? After all, before she departed I did ask her to teach me anything she could as she knew I was a question man. I want to think that the Lord used her to communicate this truth to me..

    What is going on with all these visions and revelations lately among God’s children? Too bad we are reluctant to share the wealth with others. I thank you for your boldness to share.

    Do you believe that we are able to communicate with the invisible saints? Or is this a one-say street where they can communicate with us just as Jesus does? I tend to lean towards the former.

    Universal salvation has been a subject that the Lord has been moving me towards lately. It is a little scary as it goes against everything I have believed for 22 years. Yet, when I do a word study in Greek and Hebrew on Hell and Everlasting I come away with the belief Hell does not exist and that everyone will eventually “confess Jesus as Lord.” Like yourself, I don’t focus on this as my focus is strictly on KNOWING Jesus as much as I can so I can be as close to Him as I can. I don’t want to be a spectator.

    Do you believe that we will still have our mates as mates in eternity? Will families still be families?

    I see that you believe in parallel worlds. Does this mean that the heaven world of spirits is EXACTLY like our physical world? By this I mean that we have the same house, lifestyle, responsibilities, etc?

    I am just gettin ginto your site on Quantum Physics. Do you think this is THE answer to the matter of our “never having left God’s Presence?” That there are two parallel worlds? do you plan on expanding your articles online to include your thoughts on various matters of eternity and time?

    By the way, you say your site has visions from others besides youorself. Am I to conclude that if a vision on your site does not end with “oldtime” that it belongs to another? If so, do they all prefer to remain hidden? I wish I knew someone locally that had visions that we could talk about them. If the Lord is moving in our world there is a reason for it, so why be silent and hidden.

    Thanks for your willingness to reveal your website to others. I do hope, though, that you will find the time to expand it. By the way, I am retired from the USAF after a 20 year career. My current goal is to enjoy Heaven since I am a current resident. I just wish I could see heaven though my wife’s eyes. I ask for a vision, but none has been forthcoming. Perhaps I am too anxious.

    Talk later when I get home tomorrow.


  8. Jim,
    I was searching online under the subject: wormholes and Near Death Experiences and I came across a website that said: The NDE is wormholes connecting space and time curvatures of hyperspace and the chilled universe. The tunnel with white light represents the wormhole transportation of space and time faster than light, the wormhole experience occurs in higher dimension.

    The above information was quoted as being the current findings on the subjects. I did not want to post this question to you on your Quantum site as I thouhght it easier to respond where I last contacted you. I hope you don’t mind mixing subjects.

    My questions: 1. Is the information above valid? 2. Are wormholes the “tunnel” spoken of in NDE’s?

    Are you a believer in NDE’s? I used to be a believer until I read two testimonies from Christians what said Jesus told them He would return before a certain date/event. That date/event came and He did not return. I assume the NDE’s were false. I also learned from reading many NDE’s that no two experiences were the same. Each had a different story to tell. Can heaven be this way? If NDE’s are valid, then this would mean that heaven is whatever one makes it to be. I am not convinced this is so. It would be nice if this is how heaven was, but I am not convinced at this point. I got the impression that the NDE experiences tended to match their relligious beliefs. A wild imagination perhaps?

    What are your thoughts on the above comments? Any visions that you can relate to either?


  9. I think those in Heaven are able to look in on us at will. I don’t have any real experience with them communicating with me or anyone else, although the “answer” to some questions seem to just pop out of nowhere. My wife, on the other hand has received a direct word that she and several with our pastor confirmed. She was walking in our driveway and musing about an appropriate gift for our church when it first opened its doors.

    She told me that she “heard” in her head “they need a piano”. She called the church office and our pastor answered and she asked him. He told her that he and several others were at that very moment had been praying for a way to raise money for a new piano that the music director had just found. He held up the phone and 3 or 4 people said “amen” loudly for her. She bought the piano and donated it.

    I think that universal salvation makes sense in this manner: God is so far above us that the sins we do are of little consequence to him. Most of our sins we invented ourselves. What is a sin now was not always a sin and what was a sin centuries ago are no longer sins. I mentioned to Anon that God likely loves him too and that the rejection of God does not mean the absense of God because we do not have the power to banish Him. The bible says the only deadly sin is blaspheny of the Holy Spirit.

    The heaven I saw in my vision of heaven confirmed the “many mansions” promise and suggested to me that the families were together in heaven, each family living in a stately home of the type the person lived in on earth, something very comfortable. By family I did not mean immediate family but ancestors and descendants as well. I did not see cities with streets of gold as might be expected. Anyway, what would gold or jewels buy us there?

    All the visions on this site are mine, seen personally. The exceptions come only in the comments area where one person revealed his within a comment.

    The collection of visisons by others is held in reserve until I get a fresh release from them that I can print them. Things change over time and I don’t want to surprise them 10 years later.

    I’m just not consistant with my signature.

    I have a few friends/family that have reported NDEs. Mostly on my wife’s side. She has aunts and cousens that have reported several. Several have reported scenes from the other side on their death beds and several have talked to deceased brothers and sisters while family mmbers watched. We visited one woman on the way back from vacation, a great aunt that said she had been watching angels in her yard watching her. She died a few weeks later.

    The athiest I mentioned to Anon reported a vision in which he was being dragged into a “black tunnel” and voices kept warning him to not go in there, to turn around and go back. He was one worried man, but after a number of hours with him, he was still not convinced. He also had a near death experience just before he died. His was not of heaven but of demons.

    Science is pushing toward attempting to explain NDEs as natural phenomena when blood to the brain gets in short supply, producing a tunnel vision effect and halucinations. I don’t know what to say there. The family members who experienced it consider it real. Who am I to say it is not?

    I’ll look at the india-daily site and see what it says.

    Note: I’ve edited this and the india-daily seems to be a sort of national enquirer like site. Kind of hokey stuff and no citing of sources or exactly who these scientists or where the stories were published. I think they are making their stuff up, at least all the stories I looked at.

    Have you looked above my banner for the “list of visions in order of appearence – index”?

    Have you read “the Vision of Heaven Revealed” or Crossing Over – Timeless Heaven?

    There are several on that list that may apply.


  10. Jim,

    I am back home in PA and my hotmail account is active. You can email me anytime you wish and I must say I do look forward to chatting with you behind the scenes (so to speak).

    By the way, I did read ALL your articles. I am now trying to get to the Quantum articles. The India Newspaper quote, I asked you because I tend to think that wormholes could be the tunnel effect, but as you say, no one knows for sure. I did notice though that not all NDE’s talk about a tunnel.

  11. Stephen, I sent you an email yesterday about 5PM. If you haven’t gotten it, it could be hung up in your spam filter. I’m certain I’m using the address you gave me. I just compared them again.

    I’ll send another now with a simple title.

  12. Jim,

    Nothing came in my way. Just in case we have a bad address let me give it again.

    (Stephen, I’ve deleted your address here. I get a copy at home automatically. I’ve sent two to this address, one yesterday, one today. I’ll try your gmail account. I’m guessing your spam filter at hotmail is over active – Jim)

    Maybe we can connect now.

  13. Jim,

    Should another attempt fail you might try my gmail address.

    (edited out email address – Jim)

    This should work for sure as my sister just email me on this address.

  14. Oh my goodness. First of all Jim, thank you for coming to my site. Second of all…wow! I’m just in total…wow. I have to run, but I will definitely have to check out all of your articles! Thanks again!

  15. I’m going to add your site to my blogroll Jay.

    Thanks for coming by and thanks for what you are doing through your music and site

    Grace and Peace,


  16. Jim,

    We have chatted a few times in the past and I wanted to approach you with another question. please put me in my place if I am stepping out of line. Don’t hesitate to do this.

    I came across an interesting theory of Rene Descarte (et al) concerning the pineal gland being the “third eye.” This very term is New Age and tends to make me want to stay clear.

    I was wondering if the use of a “third eye” is the means by which these visions are seen. Is this “third eye” something that we are to stay clear of? SOme claim the third eye can be awakened.

    Be honest, is this walking down a dangerous road. I read a commentator say that Genesis 3.5-7 use of “eye” is in the SINGULAR in Hebrew. The text does indicate that it was the “spiritual and/or mental facilities that would be open. THe passasge is not taling about our physical eyes.

    What are your view on the matter. I value your opinion. THank you,.


  17. Stephen,

    I don’t know anything about this “third eye” except for what I just now read in Wikipedia. I don’t believe it has anything to do with visions. As a matter of fact, I am certain of it.

    In my case, the visions were clearly 3-D, and clearly in good color meaning it had good perspective and appeared to be viewed through both of my normal eyes, color sensing roda and all. The so called 3d eye does not have the capability for color vision, lacking the rods, and does not have the capability by itself to see in 3-D nor even in combination with one of the regular eyes w/o being the wrong aspect ratio.

    I recall the vision of the moving hills in which the instruments were coming down kind of on a slide or glide slope and the whole thing moved forward and across and over me, all in the correct color and perspective, and the hills in the correct colors and perspective as well.

    My visions did not fit the single eye concept as a gate to my visions.

    I recall also the vision of God Partially Revealed in which I was able to see the fog representing God move around the trees and then below me and through the earth and rocks below. Later the ascention into the sky. All in 3-D perspective and in the correct colors.

    No, I would not trust or consider these 3d eye claims in any way.

    I’m not a Hebrew scholar but I did learn to read the Hebrew text of the bible once. Can’t pick out anything now, but I do think the following is right:

    The Hebrew word for eyes is the singular word for eye. Any passage clearly referring to eyes uses the singular eye. If you look in a English Hebrew dictionary, you will find the Hebrew word for eye, but not one for eyes, so all references to eyes is singular. The Hebrew word can be used either way as in eye for an eye or the eye of man, or his two eye, translated singular or plural to fit the context. You cannot use 3:5-7 to mean the “3d eye”. Someone in misrepresenting it.

    You are correct that the passage is not talking about our physical eyes, but is talking in the same sense as opening our eyes to certain knowledge, or opening our ears so we can hear the Word. It means we will suddenly be aware, but it still does not mean a physical or metaphysical inner eye awareness either.

    It is very good to hear from you again.

    Grace and Peace,


  18. Jim,

    I had been reading your papers on Quantum and these had led me to other sites on Quantum. I enjoyed the articles a great deal.

    I do have a question for you concerning Bells’ Theorem and “non-locality.” Does this relate in ANY way to our spiritual relationship to Jesus and His Body? I realize science is science, but does this reflect a spiritual concept behind that science? I am hoping you are very much are up to date on these subjects. Do these theories relate to our ability to have “visions?”

    Also, do you know of any good websites on the subjects that would be for a “layperson” and easy to understand without all the scientific jargon?

    Any help you can provide is appreciated. Thanks for getting me interested in Quantum. It has enabled me to understand the spiritual connection much better.


  19. Jim, I made a mistake in my email address in my last submission just a moment ago. Please not the correct address at “gmail.”

  20. Stephen,

    Bell’s Theorem: (John Bell) developed a simple numerical test to determine the range of possible outcomes of various possibilities of combinations of results of an quantum experiment. It turns out that his Theorem applies in a classical sense and by default proves that it doesn’t apply in a quantum sense, thus proving that quantum processes cannot be classical and thus must be “non local”. Bell’s Theorem is obeyed by classical objects but not by quantum objects such as photons. Alen Aspect among others experimentally proved that nonlocality must be present for quantum mechanics to work for entangled particles (photons).

    Nonlocal in relationship with Bell’s theorum is most often applied to “faster than the speed of light”. Correlated events here and there occur instantly regardless of how far apart they are in a nonlocal, faster than the speed of light manner.

    I believe that God, Heaven, Jesus and the spirits of us all are also nonlocal, but in a much more profound way. God can be in different places at one time, apparently much faster than the speed of light, in fact all places at one time because we live in Him and He in us. But, in addition, God, Heaven, Jesus (and if my vision was true, then also our own spirits in Heaven) are all timeless, and free to move back and forth in time and space at will. This is far more nonlocal than any quantum nonlocal event. I think that they are not the same thing.

    The timeless nature of God, Heaven and the Spirit vision lead me to think in terms of an explanation of quantum weirdness, meaning all nonlocal events, but I think they represent a very narrow subset compared to the Creator God, who defined how all these things work in the first place.

    I could give you a long list of books, but little on the internet. Quantum phyics is not that hard to understand but it is a big body of work and sometimes very mathmatical in the details. I’ve tried to explain it in the most simple terms I could, but not doing all that well.

    For help, consider these:

    Richard P. Feynman has a lecture series dating to 1979 that is widely recognized as being one of the best introductory lectures on the subject of Quantum Electrodynamics. He delivered it to a largely non technical audience. A series of four 1 hour videos are available on the net. The first spends the first 45 minutes preparing the audience, telling them that nobody alive knows how it works, but it is extraordianaraly accurate. The last 15 minutes or so he gets into it.

    The videos are quite old, lose audio a few imes, and kind of jumpy but still good. I’ve only looked at one, but have read the papers.

    You can find the videos here:

    You can also buy copies of the transcripts, particularly used ones at and find some of the books below at Amazon and in most libraries.

    Here are several very readable books by Feynman:
    “Six Easy Pieces – Essentials of Physics”

    “Six Not So Easy Pieces” – Einstein’s Relativity,
    Symmetry and Space-Time

    “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman” kind of a funny autobiography like book, not really about physics but about the man, a real character.


    Other books:

    “Quantum Physics – Illusion or Reality” by Alastair Rae, a small non technical book

    “Quantum Reality” by Nick Herbert non-technical

    and a more technical book but still mostly readable:
    “Quantum Theory” by David Bohm


  21. Jim,

    Thanks for the quick reply. Your words were helpful to me. I will try to find the books you listed at my Library.

    You said that our own spirit is nonlocal, however, you also mentioned that it was more nonlocal than in a quantum event. To this I would agree being that our spirit is “in” God Himself. You said it was not the SAME THING however. Are you referring to the fact that our spirit lives “in” God Himself, or something else?

    Jim, your reply leads me to another question: were you implying that our spirit exists in both our physical body (as we live) as well as in eternity now? Are our spirits actually existing in two places at once? Or, did I misread your comments?

    If you are up to it, could you briefly touch base on how our “spirit” relates to what they call in Physics, “molecule vibration.” That both spirit and the spirit world exists as extremely fast vibrating molecules. Is this why our loved ones can observe us now without being seen by us?

    I want to thank you for getting me started in Quantum things as it has enabled me to better understand my relationship in the spiritual Kingdom.

    These things has led me into other subjects as well: the mind and consciousness, especially as it relates to our connection to the spiritual world. I am assuming that “visions” occur in these same areas. Where else would they occur since our mind is the only access we have to that world.

    I am glad you are available for those “novices” like myself on the Internet. My brain is like a sponge and I want to learn all I can. Thanks for being there.


  22. I mean that with particles, the nonlocal effect is a one time event that is over. God, Heaven, and the Spirit are timeless and forever.

    I believe that we exist both places, yes. Here on earth as living beings and also in Heaven at the same time. Heaven being timeless exists in our future as well as our present and our past. When we die (at some future date), if we go to Heaven, then we arrive in a timeless Heaven and we have the ability to move back and forth in our time (as we sense time) and even visit ourselves. Heaven is actually timeless and so time menas nothing to those there. That implies to me that our spirit can exist in Heaven while we still exist on earth.

    “Take comfort! The Spirit and Heaven, like God, are timeless and have no beginning and no end. Your father has not gone to the present Heaven, but to the future Heaven! You and your descendants, as well as your ancestors, are all there to greet him!”

    Now if I am there and my descendants (children, grandchildren, etc.) are there when my father died those many years ago, then my spirit (characterized as “you”) is also there.

    I don’t think that we exist in heaven in a physical sense such as implied by vibrating molecules. But then I don’t know.

    I prefer to visualize Heaven as pretty much like earth, but in a parallel universe that has a different set of dimensions, one of them not being time.

    I think the visions I have received definately played out in my mind, but I was usually cast into a different setting and fully consious of where and what I was seeing, and not afraid. Often the different setting was preceded by an exit from my present one in a non threatening way.

    All of them had a biblical connection, but sometimes they conveyed a different interpretaion on the verses than what I had understood before. Nothing was ever in contradiction with the bible in any way, but my interpretation of some of these verses was rearranged in ways that I had not even thought of before and I gained great insight.

    By the way, I can recommend a very good first book to read that covers quantum theory in a very thorough manner in a easily read and understood format.

    “Introducing Quantum Theory” by J.P McEvoy and Oscar Zarate

    This book is very well illustrated and covers all the important topics and physicists. Pretty good seller, reprinted 10 times in 10 years. You can read it front to back in a few days. I found it at Borders for $12.95 with a 40% off coupon cost me less than 8 bucks.

    I personally find no conflict between Science and religion. I think God is progressively revealing Himself and the mechanism of His works to us. And it is beautiful.

    Feynman says this: “Western civilization, it seems to me, stands by two great heritages. One is the scientific spirit of adventure into the unknown, an unknown that must be recognized as being unknown in order to be explored (…).

    “The other great heritage is Christian ethics – the basis of action on love, the brotherhood of all men, the value of the individual – the humility of the spirit. These two heritages are logically, thoroughly consistant.”

    From “The pleasure of finding things out” by Richared P. Feynman.

    • Jim, Jesus Himself told the disciples that He was existing in two places at the same time (John 3.13). Interesting isn’t it ? I used to be so foolish as to think that my beloved wife is “waiting’ for me to arrive in heaven. Then I had the thought that said if she was waiting for me to arrive, then so is Jesus waiting for me to arrive. Then I knew how absurd church theology has been all these years concerning heaven. By the way, I now understand what you are saying about God’s nonlocality being much grater than Quantum physics. At least QP gives us a snap shot of things which can help us understand.You idea that we can even “visit ourselves” really intrigued me and I totally agree with you. Hard to believe, yes, but great to ponder. Jim, I won’t tell you my thought, but do you think Ecclesiastes 3.11 has any bearing on what you have disclosed on your website concerning Time and Eternity? “Vibrating molecules” is a great way to appreciate how the spirit world can parallel our world, at least it helps me to understand better. I too believe God is unveiling His ” Eternal Story” step-by-step.

  23. Jim,

    Your insights are absolutely fantastic. I do not have the education that you have, but I have come to the same conclusions as you have. I must be honest, though, and mention that my beliefs take me out of much Christian fellowship as I am outside the “orthodox” teachings of organized churches. How in the world do you handle this.

    I want to clarify two things you wrote above: 1). that in a timeless heaven we can even visit ourselves as we live along the timeline, 2). that the spirit is timess and has no beginning and no end.

    Concerning number 1, how does this make you feel? Does it help you in your spiritual growth? Concerning number 2, do you mean the human spirit? If so, then are you aware that this statement means we had preexistence as a spirit before the world was made. That would make both of us highly unorthodox in our beliefs.

    In closing, I wanted to ask if you obtained the above information from your visions “alone,” or did you obtain them partly in your studies of scripture?

    If I could make a suggestion, could you produce an online article(s) regarding the two conclusions I presented above? They are fantastic spiritual realities that other Christians need to understand. Also, are you aware of any others who have similiar thoughts on these two conclusions above. I search high and low on the Internet to no avail, except for New Agers.

    I really appreciate your willingness to chat with me. I am a 59 year old widow who hungers for the day to enter the timeless heaven and look down into “time” with my wife and enjoy the earthly lives we shared together. I call this experience looking through our “spiritual photo album.” As you suggest, my wife and I are at this time glancing through our spiritual phot album as I type this letter to you.

    I am so glad you made yourself available at a website like you did. Like Elijah, I though I was alone in this world with my unorthodox beliefs concerning a timeless heaven. Thanks for being there for me and others. You are appreciated. It helps me feel that I am not alone.

    I look forward you hearing your thoughts concerning the above two statements.
    Thanks so much.

    I admit that I agree with both conclusions myself, and they are truly powerful insights to possess. But will we ever have proof of these things while living in our physical body?

  24. I had a vision experience in 1983. It was indescribable, and ecstatic. I was in mental contact with a realm of light, absolutely beautiful. The impression I have from my experience is that there is a God. He would have created perfection if every Angel served him. Some didn’t, and retained their power, and this Universe was created as a result. If every Angel served, music, and other vibrational energies would have been used in interraction with God & his Spirit. God has to create, as we have to breathe. God has a plan to make everyone happy, but there will be much suffering, because of the powerful negative forces to be overcome & purified. God will triumph in the end, as Mary said at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. Have faith. John

  25. I’m sorry to say but I think this is a very classic example of correlation to causality. Just because you receive a vision right before the actual event occurs, doesn’t mean you can automatically jump to causality. For example, if I think of someone right now and I’ve been doing it for many days at the same time, and suddenly the phone rings and it is them, is this causality? Absolutely not; it is only a mere correlation. The probability of my friend calling me right after I think of them is increased due to the fact that I think about him/her everyday at the same time. I understand that most of you are Christians, or Catholics, or what have you, but to suddenly jump for correlation to causality is a somewhat pseudoscience-like reasoning, is it not?
    But I won’t lie. Your theory is rather interesting; unfortunately, it is refutable. It is stated in the Bible that nobody is in heaven. I believe it is in one of the epistles.

  26. A funny question.
    If there were no such (thing) ? as consciousness,
    would the universe still exist?
    Thank you!

  27. Jim, I have a question for you. Since everyone gets to eternity at the same time would this idea be compatible with a concept known as “Eternalism”?It sounds like it does to me, however, your insight may see something else. I would appreciate your wisdom on this. Thank you.

    • I believe it would be compatible. I already knew that God is timeless, but now I know that so is Heaven, as is the Spirit. The Holy Spirit, your spirit, mine, all. We all exist and always have existed since God decided to create the Universe. This agrees with the Presbyterian view that everything is predetermined. Taken on face value, that seems to lock in the future and make prayer useless. However, I’ve learned through experience and certain events recorded in the Bible, that God has more power than that seems to imply. He set it all up and He makes changes as He desires (as a response to prayer or perhaps even on a whelm). When He decides that Hezekiah should live after first telling him that he would die (see Isaiah), he effectively changed his mind and let him live 15 more years, all in response to a simple prayer. Same thing with Jonah. After telling Jonah to tell the people they would be destroyed, God changed his mind when they prayed and repented.

      Modern physics tends to embrace it too in some theories – the laws of quantum mechanics tells us that time reversal of particles is theoretically possible and physicists are seriously debating the multiverse theory of branching off into different coexisting universes. I think that when God changes His mind, He is creating a new future for that person or event,even the whole world, not unlike branching off to a new universe, except, in God’s case, I think He may simply do away with the old one. To do otherwise would change nothing for the one he had first set up and prayer really would be useless for that poor world.

  28. Vincent Pinto

    I’m sorry, Sir. The criminal’s spirit did not go “straight to heaven” the day he and the Lord died. That could not happen until the Lord Jesus Christ was resurrected. Neither were Abraham and the Old Testament redeemed ones in heaven until the Lord was resurrected.

    From reading elsewhere, it appears to me you are part of the Presbyterian stream of Christianity, and I hope the one that is not PCUSA. If so, why have you moved away from the Three Forms of Unity and the Westminster catechism? Please, please come back. You are slip-sliding.

    Also, why have you moved away from the fact that Jesus is going to recreate the universe, but especially the Earth, where He and those He has redeemed only will live forever. The final place of the redeemed is not Heaven, but the recreated Earth. Why have you slipped? Please, please come back! (Back where?, you ask! The Bible).

    • Vincent, I am afraid you are not understanding Jim (Oldtimer). If Eternity is timeless, which it is, then there can be no such thing as “straight to heaven” since we never actually left Eternity in the first place. We have always been there. Now, understand me, I am saying this from the perspective of Eternity, which is God’s view. I suggest you get a hold of Meister Eckhart’s sermons and read what he says about the necessity of understanding theology from God’s perspective, not from our perspective inside Time. From our perspective we have to use a Time-language which compels us to use phrases as “straight to heaven,” my deceased loved ones are “waiting for me to arrive,” which would imply that Jesus is also waiting for us to arrive. How absurd. So Vincent, in order to understand the visions that Jim is haring with us you need to “Think Outside Time.”

      • Vincent Pinto

        Fair enough, Stephen, that we should “understand from God’s perspective”. However, we’d be wise to not push that too far lest we slip into grandiose/speculative/mystical thinking. Being finite, we simply cannot think from infinite/eternal perspectives. And therefore the crucial perspective to get is Jesus’ human pespectives, which we can “get”. When He speaks of divine/infinite/eternal perspectives, we simply trust Him. Anything else leads to self-flattering mumbo-jumbo.

  29. hello again my bro. and sis. born of flesh and also those born again of spirit. first to those of you that have not been born again. let me say that like you and me i am a sinner and before i was born again was not worthy to enter in to heaven. but sense god saved me because he chosed me to be saved and knew me before the foundation of the world. i know i can’t understand it with my understanding alone but i am not alone for the promised helper that jesus told us about is here with me .why did i except the free gift of grace. i was scared and knew i was a sinner thru the conviction of the holy spirit and thru the word of god,that was spoken to me thru a redeemed sinner or a saved man or part of the body of christ. later on as i studdied the word the lord taught me that if i wasn’t saved that i would earn my just reward to be forever seperated from god in the pit. my understanding use to be well i been good was bapt. as a infant or try to be good do penance or trying to work my way into heaven. but finally after awhile god gave me understanding that he did all the work for me because i was lost in sin caught by the webb of satin and could not find my way back home by myself so he came a looking for his lost son that he loved so very much . so he came and carried me all the way back home . thank you my father i love you .please use me and my saved bro. and sis. as your vessel for you can saved the other lost members of our family

    love your bro. daniel

  30. Monday, June 14, 2010
    Some have never even thought of this question which is of vital importance and relevance to all humans on earth. That question is, ” is one saved by the FAITH OF CHRIST, or is one saved by FAITH IN Christ?” At first this may seem like a non sequitur, but in fact it IS the WHOLE Gospel in truth.

    Karl Barth, the great Swiss/German Theologian said that the Gospel turns on prepisitions. How true.

    We hear often, ” Do you have faith? Do you have faith in Christ? Like that is something great and is going to do all there is in this great Cosmos to save a person. Don’t get me wrong , faith in Christ is GOOD. To believe in Jesus Christ is VERY GOOD. Well, how much faith IN Christ is required for salvation? Is it a little, more, or much? Well, how much? Any room for error?

    I posit that it is impossible for a human to have faith enough to secure salvation. At best humans can GUESS, OR POSTULATE, OR HOPE, OR ANY NUMBER OT OTHER THINGS BUT faith, I don’t think so. At our best , our faith is only partial, limited, and small.

    Will that do the work of God? Will that human , small, limited faith conclude the plan of God on this earth? You had better hope not.

    There is a better understanding. It simply is this. EVERYTHING DEPENDS AND IS PREDICATED UPON THE FAITH OF JESUS CHRIST.

    He is OUR Faith. He has perfect Faith and He gives it to us whether we know it or not.

    He is our life. Col.3:4. And if that is so, then He is our FAITH as Well!!!!

    We live and exist by the FAITH of the Son of God who lived and died for us and in our place. Gal.2:20.

    IN our limited human understanding we can at least have some faith that Jesus’ Faith is all we need. And that is enough.

    Love to all,
    Posted by Pastor Paul

  31. in john 3 16 it says that god so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son. that who ever believes in him shall be saved and not perish. how can one be saved ? by hearing gods salvation plan or bye reading about gods salvation plan . both are the words of belief or faith are they the same ?is it not the mind that processes the data and then we make the choice alone to believe? or does the helper come to help us make the choice?i believe cornilius and his family believed in jesus and received the holy spirit.but john the bapt. disp. believed and knew nothing of the holy spirit.

  32. well now i believe this word i am writting now are inspired by the holy spirit so i believe these are the words of seams like a strange thing has just happen it looks to me that the line that blinks is stuck between the 2 l,s but is also at the end here. but i went back and made a correction and i was going to say that there is one one at the end now where it belongs .but again there are 2 but now it is stuck between a up and lower line at the upper word is now and the lowwer word is and .at least now it is .because it move again. before it was stuck between made and now but now at has moved down the next line and seems to be contining to to move down in the same spot as my writting or words
    go down the next line now my com. just did some differ .it left 6 words on 1 line leaveing the other half of that line blank and jumpped down to a new line.oh well, those were my words but now my words inspired by the holy i believe these are gods words.i think that god wants me to tell steve and all what the holy spirit i think has been telling me or giving me understanding or teaching me .first i agree with you we are in heaven.proof thru the bible in john jesus says i am in the father and the father is in me. jesus was standing right here on earth and says he is in the father .how could that be if god is in heaven? well god says in john in the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was god. well had did god make everything he spoke it in to exzistance by his word .he spoke the phisical matter in to exzistance by his what does god say his word is ?himself , so for jesus statement to be true god is the world and god is the physical matter of everything. becase it was made by his word and his word is himself a spirit. but now also he is physical matter all physical matter. i am in the father and the spirit of god was in jesus . love and peace to all god willing more later. love your bro. daniel

  33. i was thinking about your comment on parrallel univeres. well we know the bible says god is a spirit and he created physiscal matter. i do not think we know realy what a spirit is or maybe even what a spirit world is.but we do know they of the proofs of this is jesus’s model prail.our father who lives in were god is,is where heaven is.we know the bible says before the fall of man god walked on the earth with man.i think some believers in jesus believe this was jesus. the physical body of god.i guess the spirit of god was in the physical body of man could see ,hear and i guess touch god.but after the fall god exspelled them out of the garden. we believe the garden was near babylon.because of the name of the 4 rivers in the bible.the bible says god place 2 guards at the enterances of the garden for man could not get back in.but now we do not see this garden on this earth.i can not explain why we can not see this place.but maybe it is like what jesus said.when 2 or more meet in my name i am in their mist,the bible says in revolations that new jerusalem will come down and no murders adulturers or etc. will enter the revolations it also says that all of these different kind of judgements must be poured out on the earth and then new jerusalem will come down .i think why all these judgements must be pour on the earth is because of the punishment of gen. god says to adam because you have done this.i will curse the earth and by the sweat of your brow your will earn your i think the earth has to be cleansed ,like the priest had to cleanse different this for different realisons
    in the old testament and then new jerusalem can come down. like i said earlier in one of my writtings i believed this is inspired by the holy i hope and pray that god is revealing this information to me and i hope and pray that he will also reveal things to my brothers and sisters of the living body of jesus.his bride the church i invite all sinners to become members of the body of jesus the head of the church sitting on the right hand of god his living temple .a temple not made by the hands of man but made by the will of god. come believe god sent jesus to this earth for our sins and receive the free gift of grace .for jesus is the lamb of god who took all the sins believe in him and your sins are forgiven . love and peace to all your brother in christ jesus and server of the great banquet table of god. amen and amen.

    • Daniel, nice discussion, however, I do suggest you read some materials written by Bishop George Berkeley regarding Immaterial ism, or Idealism, which states that nothing is physical in nature. Quantum physics has long ago confirmed this very thing. Basically, we are perceiving what the Mind of God wants us to perceive, whether our spirit is incarnate, or not. Following your reading I am sure you will have a better understanding of how we can alrady be in heaven. Happy THoughts.

  34. forgot to sign my name on earlier writting .daniel

  35. dear brother paul, ihave been thinking about your question on faith. and a many things have been popping in my head about faith salvation and gods will.well, a while back i was thinking that god had faith in human beings that they would take care of his infant son jesus.they would feed him watch over him would not aban. him feed him ,take care of gods baby so he could become a man to do gods will.go to the did god withdraw wants jesus was born from mary?or was god watching over his son jesus to make sure he did his will.preach,heal and go to the cross. now does god have faith in humans that they can carry out his will to preach the great commission? in the bible god says he has already chosen the elect from the what should the elect pray for?all i know is jesus said ,pray to the father in my name and he shall give it to you.thou it may seem impossible,nothing is impossible for god .just a few thought to ponder over love your brother daniel

  36. my dear bro. vincent pinto and my dear bro. old timer and to all my bro and sis. of christ and also so my bro and sis. of the world the children of adam and eve . i love you all and pray that some how we who are the children of adam and eve .will all live with god in haven some day. as we have read in the bible sometimes god will say one thing , but because of a prail he will change his mind or is he just ansering a prail. thank you father for answering prails .i love you father and i believe many do love you and believe in you.even tho we don’t understand all your walls for your ways or not our ways but we want to know your ways. there are so many things i think the lord is teaching me that i would like to share.first thing of the debate between paul and old timer . god made time it’s part of his works in the beginning. he spoke it in to existence and it was good the what ever day . i think the forth day without going back and looking he made the sun the moon and the star and so and so the four day he made the clock of the 23 and a half hour day are close to god made time and the laws of time and everything.we might think going back and forth in time is some big thing if we ever can do it and old timer you said that it looks like in theory will can . yes and nano tech. in theaory seems possible. but it is only possible because god made it in the first place. remember at the tow of bable,lets confuse man for he might be able to do anything he puts his mind to are something like that .just a thought in the bible the isrealites were lossing a battle and if i recall needed more day light so god stopped time if i recall the story right and another time god reversed time for a sign if i remember the story right.but we are in this box of gods. he made the box.but he is outside the box he is in the box and he is the box.and in the beginning god said let there be light and their was light.i think this means god told every partical what it would be from the beginning. the more we learn and we call it science.but to me it seems like we are learning gods ways. jesus said there are many parts of the body but it’s all one body. and as we studing and learn throught the mind god gave us ,we have understanding of just of are onw body there are many small parts to it. and of this whole world and universes there are some many many parts but it is all the word of god his one physical body . thank you for making us god and all the things that we need to survive thank you for jesus. help us all to make sure all of the family members get feed the ever lasting food that is jesus and the temperary food. that is the nurtriment they need to survive on this plantet.for everything is yours lord. and who in their right mind would let a family member your enemy and prail for those who willfully use my prail lord is help us all get in the right jesus name i ask this thing amen ,praise god our father who gives. we love you lord and we love one another. amen

  37. please over look my spelling your bro. and his body part daniel love and peace. his will more later aman.

  38. Do we live in two worlds? YES, definitely! Our spiritual world is our real world and we have forgotten it. The world we are living in is only a virtual reality world. We made it! We are simply avatars in it.

  39. Vincent Pinto

    Our permanent one is with Him, only and only if God has redeemed us from our sins by gifting us faith in Jesus Christ and His propitiating work. If not, the default “home” is the eternal lake of fire. God will have mercy on whom He will have mercy. He is absolutely sovereign, and that utterly demolishes our grandiose notions of our free-will in this matter of redemtion. Of course, one still has their free-will with respect to choosing a green shirt or a blue shirt. The latter has nothing to do with saving us from our sins before an infinite Creator before whom an infinitesimal offence requires infinity judgement for Him to be just.

    As for the permanent home for those God has freely and sovereignly redeemed, Peter the apostle, and John in Revelation 21/22, and Isaiah 66:22,23, clearly tells us the home of the redeemed is the new Earth which Jesus Christ recreates, and not Heaven. Even so, Maranatha soon, King Jesus Christ!

    If there are any in whom the above causes any rage, please read Psalm 2.

  40. Dear Oldtimer (Jim),
    I find your visions and conception of time intriguing. I was also writing an essay on how time is not revenant in heaven and how when we die we are with Christ immediately and with Him in the end of times. I think your parallel times are interesting and I can see what you are saying. I do happen to disagree with your statement that all people go to Heaven. If this were the case, then why did Jesus need to come and die a sinners death? He opened the gates of heaven for us (those born again) to go to heaven to be with Him. I am not of a Calvinistic view or Arminian. I don’t think God chose me and not him. Then he would have no chance of ever being saved and going to heaven.

    I do believe He created us to love Him. He created free will, which Adam and Eve took advantage of, so we can choose Him. If we all went to heaven then there would be no need for free will. Free will allows for love.

    As for your visions I think they are true and believe you. I wish God would choose me to give visions. This is a great affirmation of His existence. I do feel sorry for those Atheist. Jesus said in Matthew that God expects us to believe in the one He sent.

    I use your and others visions as proof and encouragement that He is with us. Sometimes stories like yours can be skeptical, however, your story of your vision from your father’s death seems practical. I would like to hear more of your experience and pick your brain on other thoughts. Don’t know if you have an email where we can converse privately.

    Keep up the great work and spreading His word.
    In Christ,

  41. In reference to KEN (5/22/11) regarding our creating our reality. In a way yes, but with a catch: It is God’s Mind that is causing our mind to see reality, not us. Read Bishop George’s Idealism. In reference to OLDTIMER (7/2/11) regarding God making our reality I agree.

    Many posts here are made by individuals who have been “duped’ by the traditions of organized religion. There is no danger in venturing down the road of mysticism (that is not a dirty word). Many Christians throughout history have been mystics. Read the writings of Meister Eckhart.

    My suggestion is to be open-minded about spiritual things. For example, those who question what OLDTIMER has written needs to give proper attention to what Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3.8. Are you able to explain how we as “resurrected spirits” (born from above) are active as the wind? Why do we automatically assume that our spirit is held prisoner in our incarnate bodies? What is our spirit doing as our incarnate body sleeps?

    OLDTIMER is expressing things that came to him outside his incarnate body, not his brain. His spirit and mind (being resurrected) has access to that which Jesus explain to Nicodemus (i.e., wind). As quantum physics has discovered we DO live in two separate worlds (spirit and natural).

    OLDTIMER, I have been trying to email you the past year and you were occupied and were unable to reply to emails. Are you free now? If so could you email me sometime your views on the relationship a husband and wife will have in eternity. I have read Swedenborg’s visions and conclude he is in error since he denies the necessity of Jesus’ sacrificial blood. Do your visions give any clues as to a relationship between former husband and wife? Does sexual activity exist in eternity? Email me at (see below)

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