Visions and Dreams

Was It Just a Dream? 

 You have had a remarkably vivid experience that you think might be a vision, but wait… what if it was just a dream?  How do you tell the difference?

For me it was straight-forward.  Over the first 60 years of my life I have had countless dreams.  Some nightmares, some daydreams, even lucid dreams.   But I knew they were dreams.   You could use the analogy of a duck … if it looks like a …. well, you know that story.   Everyone has had dreams and maybe a few have been frightening and some have been beautiful and rewarding, but you knew it was a dream.  

When I had my first vision, it was instantly recognized as a vision, even while it was in progress.  Lots of things were different.   

Observer not participant  

I have been an active participant in all the dreams and nightmares I can recall.   In my visions, with only a couple of exceptions, I was only an observer.   I watched things happen, but I did take part in what was going on.   The visions that were exceptions were so remarkable that no one that had one could ever mistake it for a dream.  God shows you things, teaches you things, tells you things.   Most of the time, there is nothing He expects you to do but watch and learn.

Awake not asleep 

 I was awake and aware of my surroundings during the visions.  I heard the air conditioner or the heating system come on, I was aware that I was awake and watching something important.   I had independent thoughts about what I saw and was trying to be careful not to “lose” and was keenly interested in what I was seeing.

Visions don’t fade, dreams do 

Of the perhaps thousands of dreams I’ve had over the 70 years I’ve been alive, I can recall only a few nightmares.  Most of my dreams were faded out and gone by the time I was fully awake.  Seldom does any detail of a dream last more than a few hours.   The visions don’t fade, apparently never.   Every detail of the visions can be replayed in color in exact sequence, in slow or fast motion every time I think of it.    The only exceptions are where I said “no” once and lost the details of part of that vision and where I heard the song of the 4 horsemen and could not learn it.  Apparently I was not qualified to learn it.

Apparently when God gives you a vision, it is intended to stick with you.  Forever.

Visions have basis in God’s Word – the Bible 

I’ve been able to locate bible verses to support each vision that I’ve had.  I’ve quoted them as part of each of the visions I’ve recorded here.  I doubt that many dreams are biblically related.

Visions teach, dreams don’t

I’ve discovered something new in each new vision.   Often there is a different interpretation from what I had thought was true, or some new knowledge that is biblically supported, but still different from what I had understood in my internal interpretation.   If the visions were self-induced from my predisposition in belief of God, you would think the vision would support what I already thought I knew.   Instead, I’ve been very surprised at some of the things I’ve learned.  Unexpected interpretations come forward that make perfect sense in hindsight.

Thoughts pop into your head

Many times explanitory or declaritive thoughts just popped into my head.   I saw something and then an explanitory thought of a word or two just rolled through my head.  “This is God”  “God is in me”  “We are living in God”  These were always in my own voice except for the time of the euolgy.

Visions are “Super Vivid”

Visions are crystal clear.   Most of mine have been in vivid color, but even the black and white ones are super vivid as I play them over again and again in my mind.   God has a way of getting your attention, make no mistake about it.

You “keep your cool” during visions  

In summary, let me say that anyone that has had a vision will know it instantly, from the very beginning and most certainly will take it calmly.   I could be sitting in my chair one instant and standing outside looking at the stars the next, yet not be the least surprised.   Just watching transfixed at the events taking place.   Never mind that I’m soaring into Heaven or standing over the earth or being observed by dark people.   There were two notable exceptions.  One was when I was discovered not having a 666 on my forehead as the bibles were being purged by Satan’s followers, and the other when the words of prophesy were being shouted at me about the deaths of missionaries.  

You will know you have had a vision when you have one.



27 responses to “Visions and Dreams

  1. Hmm….
    My dreams are sometimes just surreal and weird. Then I usually forget them a day later.
    Want to keep a log of them all but I cant be bothered ,because I really dont think they are important.

  2. funny that i should find this website…Two days ago I had a dream about me telling my mother that I was commanded to tell her that her statuettes of the “divine child” and of mary the mother of Christ were idolatry and that she should remove them from this household….and this morning she comes to me with something wrapped up in papertowel on her hand, and asks “Were you the one who covered up my statuettes”, apparently someone removed her statuettes and wrapped them all up in paper towel…I know the message is obvious…but i’m just wondering…It has never happened to me before…

  3. I’m not Catholic and so I have always had a problem with the idea of praying to a statuette – to any statue which is what it appears to the non Catholic to be what they are doing.

    However, the Catholics and Orthodox Churches consider what they are doing is not worshiping the statuette or icon, but merely venerating / honoring the person and through that act worshiping the one who made that person, (the prototype, not the earthly craftsman who cast the statuette).

    There is a fine line there that seems all too easy to cross. Praying before a statuette or icon of a Saint can become idolotry if not done with a clear understanding of who is being prayed to, who is in charge, who is God and who has the power to answer prayers. I prefer to pray only to God our creator. Those statuettes and icons are hand made by man, as are our Christian Crosses. I use the Cross only as a reminder of what Jesus did for us, but do my praying directly to God.

    We have a couple of statuettes in our yard as decorations, but we would never think of praying to them or through them. To me either would be a sin.

    I also have a china Buddha in our house that was a gift from a visiting Chinese group I was training – but we consider it to have no religious value to us. We accepted it as a honorable gift and decoration from a friend, even knowing that it has religious significance to the giver.

    I feel that any statuette that is prayed to is in fact an idol. However, statuettes that are purely decorative are fine.

    Perhaps asking your mother to remove them is more than is necessary if they are hers and used as decorations. On the other hand, if she is praying to them, it would not be out of line to remind her that there is but one God and our Bible has many instances where God punished various people for idolotry and if she has a problem with that, then the dream may have a clear message for her that requires her to remove them.

    By the way, this site is focused on visions – but God does also use dreams from time to time to carry his message. I would pay attention as this dream seems to have a valid message.

    It sounds on the surface as if your dream and the covered statuettes and your visit to this site could all be coincidences. However, I say there are no coincidences with God. Something else is going on and you should pay attention to see where this is going.


  4. Jim,
    I appreciate what you have to say here and relate to this very well. Visions never fade and stick with you in great detail.
    So do the dreams that are truly from the Lord as well! When you know that it’s from and of God; there is an eternal quality that nothing else can compare to.
    Bless you and thank you for sharing!


  5. Susan is right of course! As I look back over this post I realize that I did not clearly point out that the Lord does speak to us in many other ways – and dreams are mentioned as one of the important ways throughout the Bible. He also speaks to us in thoughts and though relevant situations/actions and through others among others.

    I actually took too much time comparing visions to dreams without carefully pointing out that I was speaking only of the common every night type of dream that is only important to our rest and recovery.

    Susan is also correct that the real distinction is that you will truly recognize the difference when it is from God. You will know whenever He speaks to you, no matter how.

    The post pretty accurately depicts the way that I saw these visions and I meant only to distinguish visions from my own routine dreams.


  6. Joyce Renee Roy

    I had this vision some 25 or so years ago and I know it was a vision because I had just come inside my house and got dressed to go to bed and then turned off the light. I climbed into bed and then I saw this light that was uncontained sort of like an atom I guess and it had lines going around through and around it that were lines of light that had this illumanation…..but I was not at any point afraid of it….I just sort of laid there and watched it from my bed for hours…..I guess until I had fallen to sleep watching it. I told my parents and friends about it and no one has ever been able to give me a logical explanation for it and now here I am still trying to figure it out…..which brings me back to what I had done previously right before I experienced this vision.
    I had been out to dinner with a friend and as we drove into my driveway, we continued the discussion we were having……I was asking this friend who was also a member of my church, why did a loving God allow so much pain and unfair things to happen to innocent people……and it was then that my friend said to me that he didn’t have an answer for me but instead he did offer to pray with me in the car and I agreed and allowed him to pray for me, after which I exited the car and went inside my house and had the vision experience…….so my conclusion is that God was so how answering my prayer but I didn’t understand what He was showing me or what it meant. I mean is an illuminated atom some sort of godly answer? What does an atom have to do with God….in terms of godliness and answers to prayer? If any one has any answers to this vision I would love to hear all of them. There was one older man who thought that I was dilusional and that I hadn’t really seen what I said but that instead….I only thought I saw it………..he is dead now and since I was such a young lady then I think I just sort of gave up on it or pushed it aside thinking that people would probably think I was crazy or something but it still haunts me today so I ask you what do you think?

    God bless,
    Mrs. Joyce Renee Roy

  7. I can’t interpret your vision, but I can express an opinion. It seems to me that God is showing you that He is the light in the darkness you see in the world around you. I certainly would never characterize you as crazy or odd, but instead perceptive that God was present at that time.

    Do not live your life in the darkness, but walk in the light of God. Do not let the dark things that happen around you trouble you to the point of despair when God is there to talk to and He has shown you a light to follow.

    I John 1 5-7

    5 This is the message we have heard from Him and declare to you: God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all. 6 If we claim to have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth. 7 But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from all sin.

    It seems to me that you were in the dark and saw the light before you and focused on it. Keep focusing on the light and don’t worry about the darkness.

    In answer to your question to your friend as to why sometimes bad things happen to good and innocent people, I mention this attempt that I harbor in my own thoughts, realizing that no one knows the mind of God:

    I firmly believe that God has given us free will and that applies to good as well as bad people and to nature itself, to all of God’s creation. He has also set things into motion and loves his creation, most of all: mankind. He has set waypoints, critical points at the beginning, some places in the middle, and at the end according to His plan.

    But we are only on cruise control waypoint-to-waypoint and not the points in between, allowing us (and nature) to wander at our own will. He does not seem to micromanage us. The critical points are His choice alone, but He may choose to change them anytime, and often does in response to prayer, such as when Hezekiah prayed when he was told he would die (Isaiah), and when the Ninevites were told their city would be destroyed (Jonah). God changed His mind in response to prayer! Waypoints were changed and history was never the same.

    Sometimes we make bad choices or make mistakes or nature’s forces or germs or accidents or bad people intersect with us along our path at what He planned to be the last waypoint (not our choice but His, and we have no clue as to His plan or why). We need to pray in those situations even before the results are fully known, as I think God likes quiet miracles.

    All disease, accidents, and some acts of man or nature’s seems tragic to us, but we were never meant to last forever, and even the disciples were never promised an easy life, nor even Jesus.

    In the eternity with Him that is coming next, there is a lasting peace and happiness that makes our short and uneasy and sometimes tragic lives seem as nothing. Our job is to get to the foot of the throne, as close to Him as possible.

    So: we can live out good and innocent lives that end in pain and suffering but those few moments (even if we see them as years) are nothing but a partial blink of an eye in the eternity that remains. God still loves us, be assured of that.

    Finally, I’ve noticed that most tragedies end in many more of us praying and coming closer to God than leave His fold. Campaigns are often started against various forms of disease or cancers, etc. Often we don’t see that until much later and if it is not immediate to us, we may not know they have happened and so we continue to wonder.

    Perhaps those situations contribute to the Glory of God in some way that He has planned out. Who but He knows? We will see an even greater light someday and know all things of why.

    I do believe that your friend’s response in prayer was exactly what was needed.

    Grace and Peace,


  8. Dreams and visions are presents from a loving God who wishes to speak to us, his children. They are to be cherished and shared. Feel free to read what I wrote in my personal testimony. I have a pdf file that can be opened.


  9. Your words ring true for the difference between visions and dreams. There seems to be another category that for lack of a better term, I would call, visionary dreams. Using your qualifiers, I would say, that 1.) you are asleep. 2.) There is a profound awareness of “All”, a connectedness. 3.) There is a sense – feeling – knowing …. a bliss that surpasses words. 4.) As you have noted, normal dreams are easiily forgotten, but these visionary dreams stay with you in great detail forever. 4.) On waking, you are left with such a sense of peace and joy that all you want to do is go back to this place or dream. I am most interested in knowing if others have had similar experiences. I would be happy to elaborate if anyone would like to hear more details. Thank you for your wonderful description of dreams vs. visions.

  10. hi… i read yr article… i am just curious… i see many things when i stare into space… things that i thought that they are stupid. like ppl dying. then it happens. do u think these comes from God? I also saw myself joining a bible study gp while knowing something bad will happen and by joining it, it will help me in my life and it really happened! I do have dreams that come true the next day or so and i know what will happen next. Btw, they look real when it happens… Pls help me… thx!!!


  12. I keep having visions of my older brother in law, and he is laying in his bed, but the bed is covered in fire. I have been having this recurring vision for a couple of years now. Please help!

  13. Hey Joyce,

    I have never had a vision neither do I know the interpretation for yours. But I can tell you what I believe concerning bad things happening to good people.

    The truth is… there are no good or innocent people, we are all sinners from birth. What makes us good is the fact that we are in Christ because he is the only one that is good. So a better focus may be not why do bad things happen to good people, but why do good things happen to any of us as bad people. The bible says that God lets the rain fall on the just and the unjust alike. Meaning he takes care of ALL of us. This includes atheist and satanist and Christians and Jews.

    A man may hate God and curse him non-stop for 50 years and yet everyday for that 50 years without fail God will continue to wake him up provide oxygen and food for him and give him the very breath which he uses to curse God with. What manner of Love and Mercy is this!?

    Another perspective that may help you is that what we perceive as bad may not be actually be good. Some medicine taste bad but what they produce is in the end is good. If you read the story of Job then you may have a better understanding of that. One example of this is death. We may ask why do good people have to die? But we fail to remember that Death is the best thing that can happen to us in this life because it means that we no longer have to suffer under this body of sin, but will gain new bodies that cannot sin and therefore cannot die again.

    Finally, this world is corrupt and is not intended to last forever. Therefore the sufferings that occur in this life are only temporary and will not last forever. So take heart! Those who are in Christ and suffer will be comforted forever. In the meantime in this life seek to provide comfort and support to them so they can endure till that Blessed day!


  14. i really hope someone could help me out… Ive been having visions since i was in high school and i dont know how to deal with it…. Currently im dealing with a lot of deja vu.. i was going to church for a couple months, and then i had them really bad… Now its all i think about, i meet people that ive already knew in my visions and it scares me.. every thing i vision comes true and every one that im meeting now ive saw before .. I try to tell family and love ones and they either think im crazy or weird.. I tell my mother and my girlfriend about my visions and as witnesses they seeing my visions. take action.. please if theres someone out there that could help me with this i will greatly apperaicate this.. help me.. i dont want to be called crazy.. i have visions all the time some over and over i really dont know whats going on… greg

  15. My visions has alot to do with people thats around me and how successful they are going to be in life and the visions doesnt tell me actually what im going to be doing but for some reason im involve in there success.. im 22 yrs old and i have a daughter, she also will have visions at a young age, im lost and i dont know what i will tell my daughter when she comes to me.. pls help

  16. no one has responded to me i knew it was too good to be true

    • I’m sorry Gregory, but I’ve been pretty busy and don’t look at this every day.

      I can’t speak to your circumstances, but only to mine. When I started having situations where things were being fortold rather than revealed, I became very upset and asked God to please take that particular gift away. He did! It is not good to know what is going to happen, nor is it good to know who you are meeting before you meet them. It may seem to be a gift but it is very very difficult to deal with and I chose to ask God not to have me deal with it. By the way, I was never shown about anything that would happen further out than 3 days for some reason. Now I am quite happy to see things as they happen, and don’t have to worry about what to do about things that are yet to happen. There seems to be a good reason to not know.

  17. I’m very new at this but I just want to let you know that I believe in visions because I had one myself. I always believed in God but I would never have anything to do with him or anyone who talked about him. After years of sins; lies,sex,booze,drugs,and many others,people began to dislike me. In time I began to hate myself and started trying to kill myself. I tried many times and many different ways but each time it would not work. One night after doing more drugs, I felt so guilty about what I was doing I remembered God and I cried out to him from the bottom of my heart to let me die because I figured it was the only way I could stop. It was not long after that I know he answered my prayer. I seen a place that I pray I never go back to. I did not know where I’ve been until I started reading the Bible and started coming across scripture and also psalms which talk about that place; the world of the dead. I know it was a vision because I seldom remember anything in dreams if I remember at all. Like you say, visions are “Super Vivid” because I remember every second of it. I know it was God’s way of opening my eyes and showing me that I did not need to die in order to stop the things I was doing, I just had to go to him and ask him for help. I now strongly believe in the power of his word because I am far from the person I used to be. I still struggle with some things but I know from the bottom of my heart that in time I will be cleaned of all my iniquities. Also I know visions teach because it took all doubts from me and made me a strong believer. I never ever printed anything about my experience but I am writing about it in hopes that if anyone is struggling with addictions or any kind of problems, no matter how strong they may be, if they turn to the good Lord with all their heart and trust in him, he will have mercy on them and through the blood of his son Jesus Christ he will save them. Thanks to everyone who shared their visions I believe you all.

  18. I have read about visions in the Bible. Never thought i would actually have one but i’ve had a few. The most recent one was October of last year. I was sitting at the foot of my bed and it appeared in front of me as usual. There were two mountains very rocky and dark in color and in the center of them were these structures or buildings with a very tall one on the left and smaller ones sort of branch out and curve around it.( The mountains made a v shape with the buildings being its centerpiece.) As i continue to watch they just explode and there is fire and smoke everywhere. Then it just went away. My first thought was destruction of some kind . I still think about it sometimes it was a bit scary.

  19. I can only say I have had visions–but not constant like some people here describe — it is usually of adults, or pets, or babies. I had visions of my grandchildren before they were born and how they looked in the womb. I told their mom about it– it was sort of a happy testament to GOD’s gift to our entire family clan. Sometimes, the visions disappears before I can make out what it is fully. It is almost like it is teasing me about something. I did have very full vision of my MOM after she died– about 3 months after she passed away. She told me” everything will be alright”, and she was slightly smiling and was much younger in age–than when she was, when she died, and, it was all telepathic–no lips of hers moved at all -I just saw her lovely face in color and she partially was in lacy white material. Also, my Dad died 3 days later after my mom did–and my teen son saw them both as well in a vision on the wall– just like, I also saw my mom on a wall. My sister felt one of my parents touch her and her dog acted up over it.– We kept smelling roses and cigars–and that was part of my dads love of roses and cigars. When my departed mom came to me in the vision– I sensed I was going to have problems in my life from what she had said to me–and I was right on that–as,after she died– and,years later– I had acquired Ovarian Cancer– lost all my hearing,but ended up with a Cochlear Implant, and had Cardiac arrest and received a PACEMAKER/ICD-(but I believe GOD had plans for me through all this ordeal). All had happened over the years after her death. This so far– has been 27 years since she went to heaven. I just try to live right– so, that I can see both of my wonderful parents again someday.

  20. I’m sorry Kelley, but I’m not able to speak for others dreams or visions, not a reader, only a person telling my personal story.

  21. I’m sorry Kelley, but I can’t speaks or comment on others dreams or visions. I only speak out on my own visions.

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