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God woke me up and told me to do it

Amyrae=s Miracle

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  (Phil 4:19 KJV) 

Lord,… your Word says you will supply all my need..@

A Miracle as told by Amyrae Lucuis. 

(Part of a letter from Amyrae to me, received April 26, 1997)

Amyrae was in her seventies.  She and her husband, Reverend  James Lucuis,  lived in Houston Mississippi and cared for my Aunt who was ninety-eight at the time, I believe.

James once told me that Aevery time I started a church and got it big enough it could start paying a salary, I was called to start a new one somewhere else.@

While visiting them James told me a remarkable story about God’s provision.   Later I asked his wife, Amyrae to write it down and send it to me.    I still have the letter. 

Amyrae=s Miracle:

AI think I can tell it like it was.   It=s almost as plain now as it was then.

We moved to Portland, Tennessee, (to the) Church of the Nazarene in 1952.  The church building was just a basement and when it rained we had to dip water before having church.  Two men and four or five women and children (attended) the first week or so. 

We visited every Sunday afternoon and knocked on doors.   After about six months we were running 35 – 50 (members) so we decided to build (a new church).  

James was still driving to Nashville to school two days a week and working at a service station until closing time at night.   We moved chairs into our living room and also the piano and pulpit, and had Church.

One Sunday morning God was so real even while James was bringing women and children in for Church I knew something was about to happen.   

After he preached, seven of the young people knelt by their chair and gave their hearts to Jesus.  Back then we had shouting and that morning I think everyone knew God and His Holy Spirit had visited. People began to give anything God lay on their hearts.

After we had just the frame work up and it was the first of the month, we had no money to pay bills. 

This Saturday night he was so burdened he couldn=t sleep, so at midnight he went out to the corner of the hull of the church, he calls it, and fell on his knees before God and prayed.  

This is his prayer:  He said, ALord I know you sent me here and your word says you will supply all my need,@ and he trusted Him to do it.

About 5 O=clock that same Sunday morning (there was) a knock on the door and we both answered.  A man friend from Nashville came in.  We ate breakfast and visited a while. 

When he started to leave he gave James a check for $40.  Just enough to pay Monday morning bills.

James saw him at school one day the next week and asked him why he did it.  Malcolm North said, AGod woke me up and told me to do it and that’s all I knew to do.@  

I could tell you a lot of ways God has helped us.    

We visited Portland Church last summer.  We had 202 (attending in a) nice larger church.  The seven young people who prayed through that Sunday in the parsonage are still true to God and workers in the Church.  

Next time I write I=d like to tell you why I think God moved us in two years to Mississippi.@

Amyrae Lucius

God heard James= prayer and thought enough about it to wake up someone thirty miles away and tell him to get up and take some money to him.

Malcolm had to leave before four AM to get there by five, but he heard the message clear enough that he obeyed immediately and without question.  That is all God wants any of us to do.  

I never did get the story of why God moved them to Mississippi.   They are all gone to the Lord now.



Jesus – Moments in Time – Part 1

This is going to need to be in two parts because it is quite lengthy. As I look back on my journal, I can see that it is too long for one post.

Jesus – Moments in Time

Now to him who is able to establish you by my gospel and the proclamation of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery hidden for long ages past, but now revealed and made known through the prophetic writings by the command of the eternal God, so that all nations might believe and obey him– to the only wise God be glory forever through Jesus Christ! Amen. Rom 16:25-27 (NIV)

This remarkable vision began on March 25, 1997, a Tuesday. After prayers, I began to feel that pleasant tingle in my hair that progressed to the skin of my forehead and down my entire scalp that told me the Holy Spirit was present.

I had prayed for several weeks now that Jesus would reveal himself to me in a vision, but no visions of Jesus came. This time I simply prayed “Jesus Come” over and over. The following was without any sound at any time. I heard no words other than those of my inner thoughts of wonderment.

Jesus stands before me

As I looked at the random patterns in front of my closed eyes, a standing figure of Jesus began to form in black and white. He was facing me and only moving slightly. He was close by, perhaps only five feet away. A tall man with face and features like so many paintings I have seen – a classical depiction of Jesus. There was a slight difference in the way His hair looked as compared to paintings, but otherwise He looked like any one of many paintings I have seen. His hair was parted in the middle of his head of course, but his hair seemed to fit more closely to His head, and was longer than in most paintings.

His skin was a light gray, not white or black, as if highlighted by moonlight in the darkness. I was in complete admiration of Jesus and just stared in wonderment. It was only later, as you will understand from the second part of this vision, that I realized that a description of Jesus is futile, but for now, the above is what I saw in this vision. Later you will understand.

He did not speak, or raise his hands or make any gestures of any kind, and I did not even think of saying anything.

Mary? and Joseph? appear

Jesus faded after what seemed only a few moments, and two figures appeared, seen only from the waist up. One was a beautiful young woman, dressed in a blue shawl wrapped around the upper body and head. It was daytime, and I could clearly see her face because she was facing me and her companion’s back was more toward me. Her face was smooth and of good complexion. I could not see her hair under the shawl.

The companion was wearing a green robe and hood. The young woman in the blue shawl was laughing and smiling animatedly to the second person who was not clearly seen, but I had the impression that this person was also young. I had the initial impression, because of the shawl and robes, that both were female, but I decided later that the second person was a man. I saw love in the face of the girl.

I wish I had a better view of the second person, or had moved to get a better view (if that was possible), but I didn’t know the significance of this part of my vision at the time. They were situated partially behind a rock that was half buried in a green field not far from where I was watching. The scene was highlighted as a cameo-like view surrounded by black, but it was definitely full daylight for them, and very colorful.

If you hold up your two hands and put the tips of your thumbs together and the tips of your first fingers together to form a circle, then look at a scene through that circle at arms length, you will get an idea of the size of the scene in my field of view.

In other words, I did not get the full panoramic view that you get when you look across a field. Mary and her companion were simply situated in a colorful window-like area slightly below and right of the center of my view. After watching them talking silently and joyfully for a few moments, they disappeared.

I decided later that I was probably seeing Mary and Joseph sometime prior to the birth of Jesus.

Jesus born

The scene changed to a scene that I recognized immediately. This scene was also in a cameo window like the previous one, and about the same size, but the figures were slightly further away. It was night. My viewing portal was now situated slightly to the left and lower than the first one. The scene I was viewing was a manger scene.

There was a cradle situated alongside what appeared to be a rough wooden railing. Everything around the scene was dark. The figures and the cradle were well lighted and in vibrant color.

I believe that the two people were the same as in the previous scene, because they wore the same garments, but I was too far away to see the faces clearly. They appeared to be very happy, alternately admiring each other and looking at the cradle.

I took this to be a manger scene, but it was not the classic scene we always see with cows, sheep, and shepherds. The only ones present were the two figures and the cradle. I cannot bring back any remembrance of what the cradle was sitting on or where the light was coming from.

The two figures were sitting on the ground with their legs tucked in beside them. The wooden railing behind them was the beginning of an animal stall, but I did not see any animals. Nor could I see the baby Jesus. Once again, this scene was like a window of color painted into a pitch-black background.

Unlike a real window, however, these openings were more of an uneven oval shape drawn around the scene, much like small paintings started on a larger black canvas. In addition, these paintings moved; this was like a live painting on a black velvet canvas.

Jesus’ Cross

Next I saw the full figure of Jesus again, this time standing in front of me, but very close, almost face to face, only inches away. His appearance was the same, except the crease in his brow and the wrinkle of his forehead made a definite, well-defined “cross.”

The cross was lighter than the skin, so when it was in focus, it was almost lighted. It was not a rectangular figure of a cross, but one more like you would see depicted as an image of a distant star, thin and tapered at the ends, but it had the proportions of a cross. The arms were offset from the center, situated higher up on the vertical part, about the same proportions of a Christian cross.

I kept glancing up at the cross that was so apparent on his forehead, then back to his eyes. Each time I focused on the cross, the cross would go out of focus and I would be drawn back to the eyes. Then the cross would come back into prominence and I would again shift my view to it and lose focus on the eyes. I could not see both at the same time.

Soon, He began to slowly back away, as if taking very small steps backward. It was more like a glide than discrete steps. After he backed away a few feet, I saw the cross again, this time made up of the bridge of his nose and his eyes. The cross in his brow was replaced by a cross in his eyes and nose.

Each time the features changed by slightly fading into a cross, then back to regular features. My thoughts were in wonderment of the cross image that appeared in His face. I was mesmerized by his very presence. There wasn’t any burning fire, or flashing lightning, no thundering words, no expression of love, no display of anger or compassion. Just Jesus standing there looking me in the face.

I wish I could say how his hands or arms were positioned or what he was wearing. I can’t say because I was just staring into His face with love and admiration. Once again, He did not say anything. The cross seen in his features were all I needed to see, or, more likely, the lack of focus on Him if I focused on the cross.

Staying Focused

It was as if Jesus was telling me to not focus on the cross if I wanted to see Him. I could see the cross or I could see Jesus, but not both. Perhaps he is saying that we are coming close to worship of a thing – the cross – an idol? and at the same time losing focus on what we should be worshiping. Our churches use the cross as a symbol of Jesus’ death to save us from sin, so it is in a prominent place, sometimes dominating the alter. Some churches encourage us to wear and to pray to the cross. Perhaps Jesus is telling me not to do that.

I’m not saying my interpretation is right – you decide what the message, if anything is.

The second part of this vision is coming up next. Jesus – Moments in Time – Part 2. I see Jesus crucified, entombed, changing, and transfigured in this second part of this vision, actually all in one timeless night. The second part is the most dynamic of the visions I’ve seen, and has a clearer message than in the first part, if the frist part has a message at all.

Coming Next:

Jesus – Moments in Time – Part 2