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If God is Watching You, Where is He Watching From?

When you were a child, did someone (maybe your Mom) tell you that God was always watching and knew whatever you were doing, whatever you were thinking?   I know I was told that and boy did that disturb me no end!   God is watching.   It wasn’t that I always thought of that when I was thinking about or actually doing something wrong, but afterward?   I would often think – “Uh Oh!  I’ll bet He saw that and now I’m forever in trouble!  I broke that window and if I don’t tell Dad, God will get me, for sure.

There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that He saw. Then I would look around and try to figure out just where He was.  Maybe in that corner, No!  Probably next to the ceiling in that other corner.  Got a throne up there.   Sitting and watching.  Watching.  Writing things down.  Can he see through walls?  Can I hide in the closet?   Mom said He was everywhere.  Under the bed?  He can’t be everywhere for everybody can He?  Maybe he was watching that mean kid up the block, and didn’t see me.   No, Mom said he was everywhere, and I believe that.

Where was He when  you thought about Him?  Maybe in prayer, for example?  We always bow our head and think about Him “up there”.   Listening.   Deciding what to do about our silly request for a new book or dress or pair of shoes, or more seriously about Aunt Emily, who was sick.  

The Vision of “God Partially Revealed” gave me an insight into not only who God was, but where he was.   I had always heard that “God is in You” and “You are in God” but I thought that was just figures of speach, taken from old bible verses. 

The vision taught me that we are actually living within God like a sponge lives in water.  Not just us, but the entire universe is immersed in the living waters of God.   That means He is not just here or there or in that corner or the other.  He occupies every part of our world as if our world was immersed like a tiny round sponge in a giant tank of water.  We are in God at all times, wherever we are, wherever we go.  We are living in God and He is always touching us and knowing what we are up to.   We are living like a tiny sponge in a vast ocean of God.   Without Him, we shrivel up and die.  Like a sponge without water.

The vision also taught me that God flows through our world as if we were a thin gas.  We are transparent to His being.  Not that He can’t see us, just that He is not affected by material things in this world – passes right through.  And since we are living in Him, He is always passing through us – always in us.  

Not just our world, but you and I and all our planets and the rest of the universe.   As we float in God’s spirit, so His spirit flows through us.  Much like a sponge immersed in water, the water also flows through the sponge.  So He is indeed in us and we are indeed in Him, just as you have heard it quoted from the Bible.  

It also means that everyone in the world is connected together through God.  If you pray for me, God is in you and in me at the same instant, much like two sponges on the opposite sides of a vast ocean, both immersed in the same water from the same ocean.  Only in this case God is taking your prayer into consideration as he cradles me in His arms elsewhere.  We are always connected to God and thus to each other through Him.

 So next time, don’t worry about where He is, ’cause He is truly everywhere.   And we are in Him just as surely as He is in us.   And don’t worry about how far away the object of your prayer is, because God is so vast that He spans everything in this universe at one time.  You are intimently linked to the object of your prayer through the vastness of God. 

Grace and Peace,





God Partially Revealed

God Partially Revealed

(From my Journal) Friday, February 7, 1997.  I was in the spare bedroom that I use for a quiet place to pray. I think that it was very early in the morning, because I usually don’t get ready for final prayers until about 12:30 A.M. It was almost like I have set an appointment that I wanted to keep at that time. I had begun to notice that when I sit down, a tingling feeling starts at the top of my head and moved down my face and neck.

My front yardSuddenly, I was standing on a knoll in front of a narrow green field bordered by trees across from me. There was a tree immediately to the left and one to the right and slightly forward of me. The field was long in the direction that ran left to right, and narrow across from me.   I believe that it was the field in front of my house, although there were minor differences (see photo). I can stand in my yard at a point where there is a tree to the left of me and one to the immediate right, slightly in front of me, and there would be a corresponding field bordered on the other side by trees, exactly like the one in the vision.  If I stand in my yard at that point, I would be within 10 feet of my front porch, but the growth to my left would be thicker than what I saw in this vision (the photo was taken out of my front door, but framed to better show the baby deer).

It started off as daytime, but I did not see the sun, so I don’t know what time of day. There was full daylight, but the light quickly faded away and the trees were left as if lighted only by moonlight – it took only seconds.  Very soon a strange, slightly glowing and very wispy mist appeared on the ground near the base of the trees across the field. It was moving slowly, and soon filled the trees. It advanced across the field and began approaching me in narrow streams.

When it reached the tree to my right, which was slightly forward of me, it simply passed through it; it did not flow around as I expected. I looked to my left and it was also going through the tree there.

This is God!”

A sudden declaration of fact came over me: “This is God!” Simple, straight-forward and final. My mind’s still voice said: “This is God”. Yet I also knew instantly that He was using the mist only as a means to illustrate, for my simple mind, that He was present and was approaching.  I knew that He was not really a mist, but He was approaching me and chose to illustrate it through something I would understand.  Although the words “This is God!”, were not spoken, I took them as fact, without question. I looked down and the ground below me looked semi-transparent; it was obvious that the mist, representing God, was flowing through the ground, unaffected by the earth or the large buried rocks I could now see.

In a moment God’s presence was flowing through me as well, as if we (the trees, earth and I) were all drifting in an invisible stream of energy.

“God is in me!”

God is in me! That was the second declaration of truth that I received. It happened as soon as I realized that He was passing through me.  The mist was not cold or warm that I can remember. But I knew that what I perceived with my eyes as mist was God revealing to me that he was flowing through me and past me.

Immediately upon saying (within my mind) “God is in me!”, I began to be lifted up! I moved straight up past the trees, and they swiftly fell away. I was not aware of any sensation of gravity, or change in weight as you sense in a fast elevator.  In moments even the earth fell away, and I was lifted to where I could see the entire earth bathed in light in glorious color.

I was much farther out than the pictures seen from the space shuttle, because I could see the entire earth. It was more like the view from the moon when man walked there. I did not just jump from one place to another – it was a continuous motion, but it only took seconds!   I was never afraid of what I was seeing or what was happening, and there was no problem with breathing, no thoughts or concern about it.

photo of earthThe earth appeared below me, now somewhat as if positioned between, but in front of, my feet. The earth was about the size of a full moon. It was beautiful! God was present here too. He began to flow through the entire earth and flowed out the other side as if it were not there.  I looked up and looked all around me. God’s presence was in all of space. Moon, stars, distant galaxies all seemed to be within God’s embrace. The mist, representing God, was not reduced with distance or by perspective. His power and majesty were not reduced by distance.

It became apparent that the very ether of our entire universe was only a small part of God and that God flows through all of it. Although God lifted me high enough that the blue and green earth looked no bigger than a full moon, He did not take me to heaven or to the stars or anything like that.

“We are living in God!”

The thought came suddenly and with conviction: “We are living in God!” As soon as I fully realized that our entire universe was only a fractional part of him, and that we were living in Him, I returned to normal, sitting on the side of my bed! He had revealed the truths I needed to know, and no more.  Looking back, I just knew, without being told, that every star and the remotest galaxy was included in what I was seeing, and I fully understood that God was not a mist, but the mist was used to show me that he was there.  It was apparent to me that the density of the mist did not change (God became no less present) on my scale (a normal person) or the earth’s scale, or the universe’s scale. I saw that he is just as knowing, just as present, just as available and just as powerful on my level as he is on the super scale of the universe. His creation, as we know it, is only a small part of his works, and we occupy him as a small speck somewhere within his being. Yet his infinite nature makes each of us available to him at all times

His infinite nature is somehow very comforting to me.  As an engineer/scientist, I know that any part of infinity is still infinite. His presence in me, and in you, still have the infinite power that powers the universe! We can only use it through Him, as it pleases Him.God did not reveal a form, shape or person to me, nor did he talk to me. He did not physically pick me up in his hand or by the scuff of my neck – he merely revealed what I could comprehend and no more. I am in awe at the enormity of what I saw, and the infinite power that he has. I understand now the meaning of: “God is in us and we are in God”. I needed to find the reference to that, as I didn’t recall it right then.

Here it is: 

(1 John 4:16 NIV)

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.

Where is God?  See my next post as the meaning of this vision sinks in on me.