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If God is Watching You, Where is He Watching From?

When you were a child, did someone (maybe your Mom) tell you that God was always watching and knew whatever you were doing, whatever you were thinking?   I know I was told that and boy did that disturb me no end!   God is watching.   It wasn’t that I always thought of that when I was thinking about or actually doing something wrong, but afterward?   I would often think – “Uh Oh!  I’ll bet He saw that and now I’m forever in trouble!  I broke that window and if I don’t tell Dad, God will get me, for sure.

There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that He saw. Then I would look around and try to figure out just where He was.  Maybe in that corner, No!  Probably next to the ceiling in that other corner.  Got a throne up there.   Sitting and watching.  Watching.  Writing things down.  Can he see through walls?  Can I hide in the closet?   Mom said He was everywhere.  Under the bed?  He can’t be everywhere for everybody can He?  Maybe he was watching that mean kid up the block, and didn’t see me.   No, Mom said he was everywhere, and I believe that.

Where was He when  you thought about Him?  Maybe in prayer, for example?  We always bow our head and think about Him “up there”.   Listening.   Deciding what to do about our silly request for a new book or dress or pair of shoes, or more seriously about Aunt Emily, who was sick.  

The Vision of “God Partially Revealed” gave me an insight into not only who God was, but where he was.   I had always heard that “God is in You” and “You are in God” but I thought that was just figures of speach, taken from old bible verses. 

The vision taught me that we are actually living within God like a sponge lives in water.  Not just us, but the entire universe is immersed in the living waters of God.   That means He is not just here or there or in that corner or the other.  He occupies every part of our world as if our world was immersed like a tiny round sponge in a giant tank of water.  We are in God at all times, wherever we are, wherever we go.  We are living in God and He is always touching us and knowing what we are up to.   We are living like a tiny sponge in a vast ocean of God.   Without Him, we shrivel up and die.  Like a sponge without water.

The vision also taught me that God flows through our world as if we were a thin gas.  We are transparent to His being.  Not that He can’t see us, just that He is not affected by material things in this world – passes right through.  And since we are living in Him, He is always passing through us – always in us.  

Not just our world, but you and I and all our planets and the rest of the universe.   As we float in God’s spirit, so His spirit flows through us.  Much like a sponge immersed in water, the water also flows through the sponge.  So He is indeed in us and we are indeed in Him, just as you have heard it quoted from the Bible.  

It also means that everyone in the world is connected together through God.  If you pray for me, God is in you and in me at the same instant, much like two sponges on the opposite sides of a vast ocean, both immersed in the same water from the same ocean.  Only in this case God is taking your prayer into consideration as he cradles me in His arms elsewhere.  We are always connected to God and thus to each other through Him.

 So next time, don’t worry about where He is, ’cause He is truly everywhere.   And we are in Him just as surely as He is in us.   And don’t worry about how far away the object of your prayer is, because God is so vast that He spans everything in this universe at one time.  You are intimently linked to the object of your prayer through the vastness of God. 

Grace and Peace,





If God created the universe is He outside it?

When someone reads my column and then links to it, I often get what is called a “ping.”   A ping is created by many websites, blogs, and news organizations when they create a link.  The ping arrives as a comment for the particular story and tells me where to find the other end of the link.   That allows me to see what others are saying about my columns and perhaps could lead to a dialogue between us or to a common bond.   Most of the time it is from like-minded believers who are commenting in their own column or blog about something I wrote.  Sometimes it is one of their readers that have put up a link in a comment to help  make a point to the author.  

One of these links led me to a devout atheist whose reader pointed to my vision “God Partially Revealed”  in response to that author’s comment that “If God created the Universe, then He must be outside of it.  That proves that God doesn’t exist because nothing can be outside of the Universe since the Universe by definition includes everything.”  (As an aside, I’ve noticed that atheists are pretty careful to use upper case G for God and H for He – Just in case?).   The atheist considered his statement pretty profound and unanswerable by believers.   Anyway, the comment by the atheist’s reader brought me a number of readers and no ugly comments, so I was appreciative.

The vision, “God Partially Revealed” and the following column “Where is God? Who What Where How?” explain it (to me) pretty well, but I thought I would talk about the atheist’s comment a little here. 

The vision clearly shows that God is everywhere at once since the entire Universe is within Him and His being filters through every atom of the Universe.   Does the atheist have a point that God could not have created the Universe because to do so would put Him outside of the Universe?   The implication is that He can’t be outside of something that includes everything, therefore our belief must be false. 

An easy answer is to say “He can do anything He wants to do.”   The latter implies that He can make a stone He can’t lift and then decide to do it anyway.  I agree with that.  Nothing we can write or say or dredge up in literature or the Bible can put any kind of limit of what God can do.  Nothing.   All powerful, He fuels the Universe.

Nor can my feeble interpretation of my visions give any real explanation or proof of what God is or can do or how He operates.   He is always in charge and can do or not do as He pleases.   He defines truth and good.  I would not try to impose my belief on you, gentle reader, nor would I want you to try to change me.   What I can do is report what I have seen and what I derived from it. 

My real answer is at the bottom, but I want to say first that God did create the Universe in what physicists call a “big bang” and so he predates the Universe and now the Universe resides in Him.   The problem for the atheist is a lack of understanding of who and what God is and where He resides.   He is timeless and so is heaven and so are our souls as explained to me in the vision of Crossing Over – Timeless Heaven.  

Taken together the two visions, “God Partially Revealed” and “Crossing Over – Timeless Heaven” reveal to me that God’s territory is a timeless place that we living cannot see, cannot detect, cannot fathom until we cross over at our earthly death.   It is like a parallel Universe, one that is both outside our own and within it at the same time. 

Unwittingly, physicists are talking more and more about multiple universes and the current fad of “string theory” lead them to believe that these parallel universes exist.  They have already universally adopted the “big bang” theory which mimics the Biblical version that God created everything out of nothing and hope the string theory or M theory or some other deriviative will take them to the “theory of everything”.

How strange for the physicists, but we knew about at least one other Universe all along, except we thought Heaven was “up there” maybe in the clouds.   Believers everywhere believe there is a heaven and that God is there and we will go there when we die.   My visions reveal that God is everywhere and when we say God is timeless, we mean it and it is a fact.  When we say He knew us from the beginning, He actually did because we were there too as part of our timeless souls in Heaven.    Heaven is not “up there” but is actually a timeless place parallel to ours.  It is all around us and we can’t detect it, but it is real. 

So God can create the Universe – our Universe – from outside of it and be outside of it even now but inside of it as well.   Why?  Because His Universe is the Universe of Heaven which is different from ours and is timeless, much like the photons in my physics blog “Quantum Weirdness“.  (Quantum Weirdness is based entirely on insights and words of knowledge gained from my visions but explained in a purely scientific way).    Any reader with a scientific interest may want to read the “Does Time Exist?” column there after reading the Changing Over – Timeless Heaven and also “Are you and I already in Heaven?” columns here.

Confused?   Not as confused as the atheist’s comment. 

My answer to the atheist’s comment:

God’s universe and our Universe are two different universes so He can be both outside of this Universe and inside of it.   Just the same, God is our Universe’s creator and He is in possession and control of it.   All we know of His other universe, the one we call Heaven, is what the Bible tells us and what God’s gift of visions to ordinary people like me tell us.  

Grace and Peace,