Visions in Order of Experience – Index

Some of my earlier visions are truly extraordinary.  The way blogs work, however, the earliest postings are pushed down the list and at some point they are archived.  That means visitors often only see the latter ones and never notice the earlier ones.  Without an index, some are never seen.   The list of “popular” posts becomes populated only with the posts that are recent.  I’ve felt that there needs to be a better way.  Here is one attempt.

The following list is the order in which I recorded these visions here.  These are links so that you can easily access any one of them.  Once linked, you can either come back here or follow the links above the post to the next one in the series.   These are real visions experienced by me, an ordinary person – very ordinary.  Those marked with * are special to me.  If you have only a little time, read those with the * first.

Vision of God Partially Revealed  *

  Commentary on God Partially Revealed  

Vision of The Two-Piece Puzzle    

Commentary on Two Piece Puzzle

Vision of Jesus – Moments in Time – Part 1   *

Vision of Jesus – Moments in Time – Part 2  *

Vision of Heaven Revealed?  *

Vision of The Visit

Vision of The Eulogy

Vision of The Grave

Vision of Crossing Over – Timeless Heaven  *

Vision of The Children *

Vision of The Fruit on The Cross

Vision of The Monk and The Dark Men

Vision of the Moving Hills *

Biblical Visions    (Commentary)

Does God Change His Mind?   (Commentary)

The Comic Strip Dream

Vision of The End Times Hymn

Vision of The Train *

Vision of The Battle

Does God Prefer Quiet Miracles?  (Commentary)

Vision of The Fifth Angel

Are you and I already in heaven? (Commentary)

If God created the universe is He outside it? (Commentary)

If God is Watching You, Where is He Watching From? (Commentary)


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